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John Carroll University is a private Catholic university, located in University Heights, Ohio, that is set in the Jesuit tradition. There are two main divisions on this campus. One of them is the College of Arts and Sciences, which provides most of the university’s curriculum. The other of the two is the Boler School of Business which has a separate set of academics aimed at professionals seeking to enter the corporate environment with a degree.

John Carroll University was originally conceived in 1886 by the Society of Jesus under the name St. Ignatius College. Since its inception the college had the go-ahead to confer degrees for each graduating class. The Catholic Church saw its first archbishop, John Carroll, stationed in the United States and, in 1923, the college renamed itself after him. By 1968, the college became coeducational.

The distance learning efforts at John Carroll University are provided through JesuitNET, which is comprised of John Carroll University and more than 20 other Jesuit colleges across the United States. JesuitNET, or the Jesuit Distance Education Network was drafted in 1999 under the combined resources and efforts of U.S. Jesuit schools to offer the whole of their resources to all of its individual students.

Technically, John Carroll University doesn’t offer distance education, with the exception of a few non-degree programs, like workshops or certificate programs. That aside, students may be able to enroll through this campus, being that it is a member of the Jesuit DE Network, to pursue degrees from other schools. Using this method, distance learners have access to an extremely broad range of courses and degree programs, such as a Master of Science in Literacy Education, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (and an M.S.N., A.S.N., or R.N. are also available), Master of Science in Health Care Ethics, a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration, and so on and so forth.

John Carroll University has little information on their site regarding these distance education possibilities, however, their distance learning programs are under construction and are able to be flexible. More information regarding this can be obtained by contacting John Carroll staff directly.

Popular fields of study at John Carroll are Business Administration & Management, General Psychology, Communication Studies, Speech Communication & Rhetoric, General Marketing, Marketing Management, General Biology, and Biological Sciences. Enrollment is over 3,800 students and is set to reach 4,000 in a few years. John Carroll University staff has seen this growing number and has kept a good student to faculty ratio of 16 to 1.

Tuition for full-time students comes out to $27,190 per year, and part-time students pay $823 per credit hour. The university is very generous with its financial aid resources, judging from the fact that 98% of their students are receiving aid from the university itself as a result of Jesuit and other Catholic institutions. Federal, state, and local grants are also available for application.

Needless to say, this Jesuit university has made extensive efforts to support Catholic students that want to further their education, especially in the field of business. This makes the university a valuable asset for on-campus students and distance learners and a springboard of opportunity for all who enroll.

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