John Jay College of Criminal Justice Distance Learning

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a part of the City University of New York functioning more or less as the senior college located in New York City, New York. This is a college that focuses on the field of criminal justice and combines this with a strong liberal arts curriculum to deliver students into Police, Criminal Justice, and Investigative careers. Criminal Justice occupations are in constant supply and John Jay has delivered thousands of graduates into the specific field of their choice.

The college features a national online program for a Master of Public Administration. This program is designed to prepare students for the field of Inspection & Oversight in agencies that are instituted to monitor other agencies. This program has been field tested and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, giving students the assurance that they can find employment with proper certification.

The program starts with an in depth look at the field of Public Administration. This is the foundation on which Inspection & Oversight is built. It teaches the student about the structure and operations inside public agencies and gives them the political insight, economic aspects, cultural involvement, and historical perspectives to accompany the study.

After the basics have been established, the students then go on to look at the paradigms of malfunction, such as fraudulent practice, waste of resources by public agencies, corruption within syndicate and public circles, and privilege abuse. In supplement, the perspectives of legality, philosophical schools of thought, and the practical nuts and bolts of economics are applied to provide a complete understanding of judgment. After that has been established, students then learn about how to deal with scenarios like these and bringing them to correction.

Further studies bring the concepts together into the specifics of inspective practice and the principles of oversight. Students learn about the auditing process, investigation techniques, and how to formally assess results in reference to protocols like affirmative action, ADA, and the EEO.

Costs are extremely low with the support of New York taxpayer dollars. Out-of-state distance learners would normally pay $8,640 per year for full-time tuition, but, the school has now been able to waive the extra costs and have students pay in-state tuition rates. Full-time students pay $4,000 per year, and part-time students pay $360 per credit hour. Because of the very low cost of the college, financial aid is not offered through the college itself, however federal, state, and local grants have put aid into the hands of 3 out of 4 students.

For students wanting to pursue a career in the field of Criminal Justice, the college is specialized. For students that want to work behind the scenes and bring down the corruptive or wasteful practice of large-scale agencies, distance education has been made very affordable. For these reasons, this college is a prime asset for Investigation & Oversight and students around the country.

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