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Johnson Bible College is a private Christian college seated just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. What Johnson does best is provide an education in Christian studies that doesn’t break the budget. What the college focuses primarily on is Christian ministry and the field of Leadership and Community Service as well. As a result, many youth ministers, preachers at many large congregations, and media directors and personalities have come out of the college’s academic program and gone on to successful careers in their faith.

The college originated in 1893 by the name of The School of the Evangelists under the founding of Ashley Johnson. As such, Johnson Bible College is the second oldest of its kind. It was by 1979 that the college received accreditation and, consequently, the right to confer degrees. Since its initial accreditation, Johnson has received continued accreditation from organizations such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

The primary program offered by Johnson Bible College is aimed at graduates that want to fill out a degree for teaching and preaching purposes. It leads to a Master of Arts in New Testament by providing in depth knowledge about chapter and verse in addition to many different perspectives and gospels that go into making the Bible rich with Judeo-Christian history.

The program can also be used for asynchronous supplement to an on-campus program, or courses can be taken as a part of independent study. Students participating in the distance education program will occasionally have to report to campus, however some exceptions have been made on behalf of out-of-state students that absolutely could not make it to campus. More information regarding attendance policy can be obtained by contacting Johnson Bible College staff directly.

Although the college is primarily focused on Biblical studies, there are other majors available to add on to this. Elementary Education & Teaching is one of them. Often times, students will enroll and pursue both Biblical and Education to give them credentials to work with youth ministry or to teach young Christian education. In addition, with moral practice as a crux of Christian doctrine, the college also offers excellent resources for Marriage and Family Therapy majors. This can be used to assume a variety of positions ranging from a consultant to a counselor.

As mentioned, the cost of tuition is very low with full-time students paying $7,010 per year and part-time students pay $290 per credit hour. What’s more is that 100% of all students are receiving aid of some form. The college itself provides 83% of its students with financial aid even despite its very low costs. This is most likely due to its network of Christian resources that often award tuition money on a need basis, but equally, a merit basis. This makes Johnson Bible College a key choice for distance learners that want to bring worship to the masses, education to the young, or even the good word over the air to millions.

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