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Johnson C. Smith University is a baccalaureate liberal arts school situated in Charlotte, North Carolina and affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. This university has been ranked as one of the top comprehensive colleges in the South by U.S. News and World Report and is North Carolina’s premier urban university. Aside from that, the college, through the years, has remained true to its Christian ethics in a variety of ways, from helping students in need, to contributing to its community, and to incorporating Christian ethic into its curriculum.

The university was originally established in 1867 under the name of Biddle Memorial Institute. It was named as such due to a generous contribution by Mrs. Mary D. Biddle. Eventually, state legislators of North Carolina opted to change the charter and the institute then became Biddle University, a name under which it progressed up until 1923. Around the end of that period, a woman by the name of Jane Berry Smith provided a large amount of funding so that the school could expand its facilities, have an endowment, and many more constructive projects that would happen in the coming years in memory of her husband Johnson C. Smith. It was soon after that the name reverted to Johnson C. Smith University.

Through the subsidiary Metropolitan College, Johnson offers a select array of online courses that can be put towards a degree, used asynchronously, or arranged for independent study. As of yet, the university doesn’t offer a fully online program, but rather, an online supplement to Adult Degree Programs and Accelerated Programs. Still, enrollment is open and academics are flexible and Johnson staff welcomes students that want to enroll for whatever purpose. Explicit information regarding online courses and distance degrees are not mentioned on the site. However, further information can always be obtained by contacting Johnson C. Smith staff directly.

Popular in colleges nationwide and popular at the university is the study of Business Administration & Management. Almost equally as popular is Mass Communication/Media Studies, as well as Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration. Biology, Biological Sciences, and Sports & Fitness Administration/Management are also sought after, but to a lesser degree. Considering this type of major grouping, the university has a forte in professional fields, particularly for managerial or administrative careers.

Tuition for full-time students comes at a cost of $13,361 per year, and part-time students should expect to pay $361 per credit hour. Despite the reasonable cost of this university, financial aid has been made available on an need basis and especially on a merit basis. 8 out of 10 students are receiving tuition aid in some form, with institutional grants supply 3 of those 8, and federal, state, and local supplying the other 5

Johnson C. Smith University is the right college for Christian students that need to get ahead in life and call the shots in their career. Whether you’re pursuing a business degree, the arts, or just a part-time schedule to fill out your education, the university has remained flexible enough to be perfect for all three. That is why the university has been known to put the student first.

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