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Johnson State College is a liberal arts college located in Johnson, Vermont. As a part of the Vermont State College System, the college is able to offer a solid array of degrees without forcing the student to pay more than $20,000 a year. This college offers higher education not just to pave a way to a degree, but with the intent of changing student’s lives. In this way, a Johnson State education crosses over the line and comes off the page to bring something new, as education should.

Johnson State College offers a distance learning program through their External Degree Program aimed at working adults and isolated students. The program is baccalaureate, which means it is open to students that have accumulated at least 60 college-level credits. Going from these credits, a bachelor’s degree can be achieved.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology through a program that covers a variety of pertinent topics, such as behavioral development, the study of thought flow, emotional patterns, and the capacity of human learning. Using this degree, students have a variety of career possibilities open to them or graduate studies, if they so choose.

Also available is a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. This distance learning program covers the skills necessary to teach grades K-6 and has been fully-accredited for use as career training. The curriculum is backed by concentration in the liberal arts and sciences and can even be supplemented by a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts.

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is a degree that students can arrange to their own choosing. As the students pick from the curriculum, they can concentrate on one of three major areas that will form the basis of their degree. This degree can be used for many areas of further study or can even be used as an entryway into a few careers.

On the business side of credentials are the Bachelor of Arts in Professional studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. Many students have pursued their Masters of Business Administration to enter a high-ranking field within corporate fields. This is not necessary to enjoy a rewarding career in business, thus, these two bachelor’s degrees offer an alternative or even a springboard to managerial position or for further study.

The college has kept a watchful eye on its student to faculty ratio with a small student body of about 1,900. In light of this, Johnson State has been recognized for its individualized atmosphere of study and is a prime asset for students that prefer to get one-on-one with their instructors. Full-time students should expect to pay $16,152 per year, and part-time students pay $702 per credit hour. Some financial aid is available in addition to the fact that its state supported system has lowered costs significantly. About half of all students are receiving grants and awards from the college itself and small portions are receiving federal, state, and local grants in various combinations.

In summary, Johnson State College has a solid program of decent variety for students that want to enroll online. The concentrations they offer are proven in practice and are designed to be that way. If you are looking for a career, and can’t attend campus or find time in your schedule, Johnson State College will put you in a brand new career without taking you out of your seat.

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