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Jones College is a small college located in Jacksonville, Florida. The college has campuses all over Florida that have received continued accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The college is unique in many ways, like its radio station broadcast on 90.9 FM which is non-commercial and plays easy listening for listeners around the area.

Jones College is also unique in that it puts distance learning at the forefront of its programs providing a solid variety of resources for online students enrolling from all over the country. Another notable feature is that the college doesn’t half-heartedly offer a few courses leaving narrow opportunities, usually for on-campus students. Instead, it’s as if an entire college existed online with a variety of degrees available at the two-year and four-year level. All the student does is enroll as usual, complete Online Orientation, and get started!

One of the programs available is the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This degree can almost be thought of as the predecessor to the popular Master of Business Administration. Students who are entering the field of business or who are looking to enlist in a high profile occupation somewhere in the corporate landscape would do well to enroll and start off with a solid certification.

In a similar fashion, the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems is open to students who want to pursue an administrative or technical position in data management or systems management. This course gives students a thorough background in the fundamentals of a computer, takes them through network security, databases, etc, and places them in the shoes of an IT professional who can manage any of these subsequent mechanics.

Interdisciplinary studies are also made available to provide flexibility next to the established degree programs at the college. Students can engage in and receive a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Likewise, there is a baccalaureate program for Legal Studies that is available to Florida residents exclusively. Any of these courses can be completed on the student’s schedule and don’t necessarily follow a strict schedule other than the standard deadlines for coursework.

In addition to baccalaureate programs, associate degrees can be earned as well, particularly the Associate of Science with concentrations in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems and Legal Assistant (the legal program also being restricted to Florida residents). This is for students who either want to pursue a bachelor’s and need to first step up from an associate’s, for students who are content to remain with a two-year credential, or for students who want a quick entry way in the workforce.

Tuition is very affordable with full-time students paying $6,600 per year and part-time students paying $275 per credit hour. Adding to this is the fact that 1 of 3 students are receiving a grant or award from the college itself, but if not, every student at the college is receiving federal aid.

Whatever your reason is for attending online, Jones College has you covered. The college not only has the programs, but has the resources necessary to ensure your success. In this way, enrolling at Jones College is an ensured step taken towards a successful and rewarding career in the field of your choice.

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