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Judson College is a small women’s college situated in Marion, Alabama. Judson is the school of choice for women who need the opportunity of a single-sex environment that offers a solid education. The college is small, but faculty is plenty, leaving the college with a great student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1. In addition, the college takes care in managing and continually renewing its resources to remain state-of-the-art. At the core is a well-crafted liberal arts curriculum that backs every pathway in education with a cosmopolitan wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Despite its status as a women’s only college, their distance learning program is coeducational and inviting of male students, and generally, working adults or geographically isolated students. What’s more is that a student can obtain a baccalaureate degree entirely online without ever having to set foot on campus. Although this may seem like a given for online programs, many colleges require students to meet on campus a few times over the semester or over the period in which they’re earning their degree. Many testimonials from graduate students bring praise to the college’s distance learning program which means there’s a good chance you will thoroughly enjoy this experience.

Most importantly, the academic catalog offered at Judson College is extensive. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, English, History, Psychology, or Religious Studies, just to name a few. Likewise, a Bachelor of Science can be earned in the fields of Elementary Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Music, Psychology, and many of the fields mentioned in the liberal arts spread. Students who are attending Judson online can expect the same, if not higher, quality education that on-campus students receive due to this colleges painstaking attention to every aspect of its academics.

To earn a baccalaureate degree at Judson, a student simply accumulates 128 credit hours online including General Education requirements. Sometimes, additional requirements (usually in the form of an extra course or two) may be completed for certain Bachelor’s degrees, but this is only necessary to give you the proper credit necessary to earn a solid credential. Minors are liberally offered and can be fit seamlessly into your schedule with the generous help of Judson staff.

Aside from having flexible programs that have stood the test of time, the college is also very affordable with full-time students pay $11,470 per year and $360 per credit hour. Financial aid is available through a variety of sources and has been very generously distributed. Every student at the college is receiving aid in the form of an institutional grant, 4 out of 10 students receive financial aid, and 7 out of 10 are getting grants from state and local sources.

Whether you are a female student that demands a female environment for study or a male student that wants to enroll at a college with a distance learning forte, Judson puts up the resources. Their staff is open and available, the faculty is involved every step of the way, and the college is overall excellent in its attention to detail and academic success.

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