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Judson University is a Christian university located in Elgin, Illinois and steeped in the liberal arts and evangelism. The university operates under a perspective that is both personal and global. They seek to glorify God by mobilizing Christian students to pursue successful careers from the liberal arts. Students are encouraged to take an active part in their communities and become faithful citizens that spread the benefits of Christianity to those who haven’t yet heard. What’s left beneath is a solid core of liberal arts and sciences that give the student many choices to work with and many resources to make use of.

One of the programs that students can pursue at Judson U leads to the conferring of a Bachelor’s degree in Management. This program is aimed at the future professional that is either financially less fortunate, already busy as is, or can’t be taken from their current location to physically attend Judson University for other reasons. The program is steeped in professional, quality academics that encompass a environment that is both supportive and resourceful.

In addition to obtaining your degree, individual online courses are also available. These courses can be used to fill out credit for a degree that is already in progress, or can be arranged in independent study, or even asynchronously. Full-time or part-time enrollment is equally invited, as the university treats your education plan like its own separate path to success.

Students also have the option of eliminating expensive boilerplate work from their curriculum by taking general education courses online. Using this, the time it takes to obtain an associate degree is significantly reduced. Generic courses like these can turn a student away from a brick-and-mortar environment, but using these online resources can instead push the student ahead and get them learning about their passion sooner.

Online certificates are available for students who want partial or full certification for a particular trade or study. Certificates are available for Application Software, Studies in Human Behavior, Web Administration & Design, and an advanced certificate is available for Management & Leadership. Each of these certificate programs operates under its own program and works towards equipping the student with the required credit and proper skills.

Tuition comes out to $21,350 for full-time students, and part-time students will pay $750 per credit hour. Some additional fees are required in certain degrees, courses, or certificate programs, but, compared to the total cost of education, are negligible. With ties in Evangelical Christian resources, the university has supplied 93% of its students with grants and awards for tuition purposes.  Federal, state, and local grants are also available and have been used by many students.

Christian students sometimes don’t have the time, resources, or money to physically attend a university like Judson University. That is exactly why they have extended their academics to you in an online format with the variety that can you certified and employed. Aside from this, Judson University has remained committed to their Christian ethic in helping those in need honor God through success and Christian proliferation.

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