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Juniata College is a liberal arts college that seats itself in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The college gets its name from the Juniata River by which it is located. The college bases itself around flexibility that allows the student to choose how they want their education presented, without compromising the structure and quality of what the college offers. Students are encouraged, above all, to think independently, progress individually as people, and act with a worldview that considers the world in all of its contemporary issues.

The college had its beginnings as the Huntingdon Normal School when a physician, Dr. Brumbaugh, and family rented out space and quartered their very first teacher. In return for hospitality, the teacher would provide students and their respective learning materials. With that, classes started in 1876 and, by 1879, the school migrated to its own campus located at the college’s present site. Soon after that, the school was renamed Juniata College.

An education at Juniata doesn’t just cover the basics of a collegiate education, the college goes the extra length to foster innovative thinking and let the student flourish outside of the classroom. Juniata calls its majors “Programs of Emphasis (POEs)” because, as opposed to fitting the student into an institutionalized mold as many colleges tend to do, the program is left open-ended for the student to alter to their preference. The college uses a two-advisor system, which attributes its approach towards expanding the student’s perspective. Academic support is doubled, thus reinforcing a student’s path with expertise and the benefits of a second opinion. With this in mind, the program also leads to the proper credit and certification necessary to obtain a degree.

As of yet, the college hasn’t published any information about online courses or degree programs that can be accessed online, but the college does feature distance learning. Further information can be obtained by contacting Juniata staff directly. That, aside the academics at Juniata are complete, accredited, and continually renewed.

Some popular fields of study at the college are General Biology, Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, General Psychology, General Chemistry, Speech Communication & Rhetoric, and Communication Studies. This is a college that, despite its open approach towards academic guidance, has a tendency to refer students towards careers in the sciences. In that respect, the college has an intelligent atmosphere where great minds can, as the old adage goes, think alike.

Tuition is in the middle range of expenses. Full-time students pay $29,610 per year and part-time students pay $1,230 per credit hour. What is noticeable about the college is that every student at the college is receiving some form of aid from Juniata itself and in generous amounts to help offset the cost of education. To supplement this, federal, state, and local aid are also available.

Aside from being very supportive in its academics, Juniata is a college of independent thought. With the understanding that institutionalized education can only do so much for a student’s perspective, they prefer to let students draw their own conclusions and become passionate about the fields they choose. For this reason Juniata College coined the motto: “Think. Evolve. Act.”

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