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Kalamazoo College is a liberal arts college, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that is as unique as its name sounds. Kalamazoo has a tendency to produce individuals that are not only conscious of their environment and the people in it, but also with the propensity to engage in and better the societies they embrace. This is mostly due to the fact that the college is internationally oriented, but also due to its prestigious turnout of students pursuing doctorates, placing it in the top one percent of the country by that ranking.

Also unique to the college is their approach to education. What the college enrolls every student in is called the “K-Plan”. The K-Plan is comprised of four pillars: a well-rounded core of liberal arts and sciences, experiential learning, immersion in international affairs, and the senior project that serves as a capstone to the baccalaureate education.

The college originally started out as an institute founded under Baptist affiliations. Through time, the Kalamazoo Literary Institute strengthened their core curriculum to raise its standards necessary to meet its eventual accreditation. The college saw years of historical change and, with the administration of the Stone family even played a role in the creation of the Republican party, which, at the time, was a caucus of liberal voters, abolitionists, and disgruntled members of the Whig party. They also played a role in the beginnings of coeducational, multiracial college by conferring its first degree to a woman, and graduating two African-American males shortly after.

Currently, Kalamazoo College doesn’t support a distance learning or online program, but, with changing trends in technology and educational techniques, the college is bound to establish an online platform soon. Popular majors at the college include, but are not limited to, General Biology, Biological Sciences, General Economics, General Social Sciences, General Psychology, General Chemistry. Note that students are very pursuant of the sciences. This is a contributing factor to the high turnout of post-graduate study.

Tuition for full-time students comes out to $30,723 per year, and part-time students pay $3,413 per credit hour. Financial aid has been made generously available by Kalamazoo staff and finances to offset the cost of tuition. 98% of students enrolled at the college are receiving financial aid from the college itself making institutional aid available to virtually anyone that wants it. Aside from that, 60% of students are receiving state & local grants to supplement.

With that in mind, the college has made an academically valiant effort twofold. One part caters to the needs and merits of aspiring students pursuing the sciences, the other part pushes their standards, curriculum, and faculty to the highest possible standard that resources will allow. A Kalamazoo education is guaranteed to take you beyond the classroom and into a vivid learning experience that stays with you, rather than forcing you to study relentlessly. For these reasons, Kalamazoo is considered the best college in Michigan and among the highest ranking institutions in the United States.

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