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Kansas City Art Institute is a fine arts baccalaureate college seated in Kansas City, Missouri. To start, the instructors at the institute are themselves practicing artists and/or experienced professionals that teach not just from theory, but from practice as well. The institute is designed specifically for art students meaning that the resources, faculty, and facilities provided are specifically designated for the art student and not shared to with another department to cut costs. What’s more is that the institute is run by art professionals, putting you in an art-oriented environment that is much easier to navigate.

Kansas City Art Institute features, though not necessarily a full-fledged distance education program, a selection of online courses. These courses can be used for a variety of purposes. Students who have already earned a degree can come back to refresh on a few skills that they feel they are lacking in. Students who simply want to try a course without enrolling into a particular plan or major can also sample the learning experience through online courses. For students who are simply compiling credits, or even building their own independent study can take these classes a la carte.

The online learning courses are facilitated by Ed2Go, a distance learning resource that helps many colleges, universities, and institutes with their online appendages. A typical online course at KCAI runs the length of six weeks. Throughout that period, the course focuses on projects, with areas for discussion, assessments, and continued reading that allows the student to make the material as in-depth as they want to. Anything that isn’t covered about the online classes is addressed by online orientation, which the student takes before beginning All that is required is basic knowledge of a computer and an internet browser, and the proper resources to access both.

Typically at the institute, students pay $27,220 per year for full-time and $1,134 per credit hour part-time. Online courses, however, are only 95$, excluding external fees like registration and application. Financial aid has been generously awarded, with 89% of students receiving aid from the institution that usually covers a considerable chunk of tuition costs by itself. Other than that, financial aid has been awarded through federal, state, and local grants to supplement this.

The most popular field to get into at the institute is Painting, in various forms and levels. Many other students enroll in Fiber, Textile, & Weaving Arts, and an equal amount are pursing Graphic Design. What’s also popular is Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics & Special Effects, along with Sculpture receiving equal attention from enrolling students.

Regardless of what specific art you want to pursue as a student, Kansas City Art Institute has a classroom full of fellow artists wanting to learn the same techniques. At an art institute, things are seen from the artist’s angle, with all faculty being practicing artists themselves. It is often said that you’ll be so immersed in the material that you’ll forget there is a book to go along side of it; and many courses don’t use a book!

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