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Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences is a university seated in Kansas City, Missouri. The university is a serious institution that gives instruction from only the top professionals in their field to ensure that the student can achieve the same heights in their career. In the face of changing technology and practice, sometimes a fixed curriculum and fixed route of study can be inadequate. For these reasons, the courses and programs are continually updated and backed by research, experts, and the watchful eye of modern science.

The original school was titled the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery. Enrollment saw steady growth, and, as the time went by, the school changed names and locations to compensate. By 1980, the school was known as the University of Health Sciences. In 1999, the university joined the initiative to make Kansas City the American hub for research in biomedical fields by forming the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute. Just five years later, the university added the College of Biosciences. To reflect this change and the new opportunities offered, the University renamed itself the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

The university has since maintained a high standard of education for graduate students. Due to the fact that the university is engrossed in biomedical and biological research and experiments, they currently can’t offer distance learning courses in the future. Many universities, colleges, and institutes, however, are working on that very problem and are producing slow breakthroughs in distance learning technology. In the near future, students from around the world will be able to access hands-on experiences, like that of KCUMB, by simply accessing the internet. The university already offers online courses for on-campus students.

Tuition at the university only spans one category: full-time graduate tuition. This is ranged at $23,510 per year, regardless of residency. Cost may vary from program to program, for students only pursue the range of a handful of degrees, master’s or doctorate. Information about financial aid is esoteric from the looks of KCUMB’s publications, however, federal, state, and local aid are usually available for any college. Aside from that, with Kansas City being heavily centered around biomedical research, there are probably a sea of scholarships and grants being awarded on a need or merit basis to promote this.

The university has done its part to pair up with several businesses and institutions to place grad students in a playing field where job-offerings, internships, and research opportunities are plenty. This makes Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences a fountain with aspiring students at the bottom and well-prepared, job-ready graduates showering from the top onto the opportunistic Kansas City area. If you are serious about pursuing the sciences and want to attend a prestigious school with the proper staff and the best resources on hand, KCUMB is for you. If you are a distance learner with the same goals in mind, it will be in the near future that you can be a part of the fountain yourself.

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