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Kansas State University is a large public university that focuses in Agriculture, Earth Sciences, and applied sciences, namely technical training, and is seated in Manhattan, Kansas. Generally speaking, the college is large, with a student body of well over 20,000, but has made a successful effort in keeping classes small to combat a crowded atmosphere. The university was also ranked as #16 in Consumers Digest’s “America’s Public Colleges: Best Value”. To go with their affordability is some of the best facilities and faculty Kansas has to offer in addition to an extremely broad selection of majors to choose from.

Distance learning courses and programs have been offered at Kansas State University for almost 40 years. In addition to their experience in distance education, a large range of courses, programs, and online resources are offered to make the distance learning experience much like that of a university experience.

Baccalaureate degrees are offered in such areas as Dietetics, Food Science & Industry, Business, and Technology Management. An even broader range of Master’s Degrees includes Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Educational Leadership, Gerontology, Industrial Psychology, Merchandising, and Operations Research. A Ph.D. is also offered in Personal Financial Planning and certificates span the same general range as the baccalaureate and master’s degrees.

Most courses are offered over a standard online format, but some come with instructional CD’s or DVD’s. Attributing to the university’s complete multimedia approach to education is TELENET 2, a video conferencing network, message boards, Wimba classroom, software that creates a virtual classroom, and chat rooms for students and professors to communicate and gain insight from.

If you don’t want to subscribe to any particular program, the university can also arrange to have the courses combined with a degree you’re currently working on, or even have courses arranged for asynchronous or independent study. Courses are plentiful and diverse in nature and offer the student almost limitless options for pursuing a degree or simply higher education.

Tuition varies by residence. Students living in the state of Kansas pay $5,954 per year full-time and $198 per credit hour part-time. Students, particularly distance learners, living outside of the state pay $16,529 full-time and $542 part-time. Even though the university is public and very affordable, financial aid has been made available to further curtail the cost of tuition. 69% of students are receiving grants from the university itself and a good chunk of students have received financial aid. This puts money into the pockets of a total of 9 out of 10 students.

Kansas State University means limitless opportunity. The facilities are expansive, the academics are extensive, and the faculty is well-supplied and qualified to offer you an education that will land you exactly where you are reaching for in life. Many students at KSU have gone on to enjoy successful careers and occupations, but, none of that would be possible if they hadn’t made use of KSU’s bottomless resources.

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  1. Dennis Boll says:

    Do you have any independent study courses in Horticulture to take at home former KSU Student :>)

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