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Kansas Wesleyan University is a baccalaureate college seated in Salina, Kansas that shares affiliations with the United Methodist Church. The university has enjoyed repeated accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools for recognition of their well-developed programs and collegiate resources. Apart from this, the primary goal of KWU is to nurture students in a caring environment that doesn’t let the challenges of higher education deter a student from pursuing their dreams. In short, your success is assured here whether you use help or not.

The environment in which KWU is based, the city of Salina, has brought as much diversity to the university as the dense metropolitan surrounding has brought students and investment. KWU is nationally recognized for its standards and its turnout of graduates that helped keep the city alive. The same can be said for the United States.

More than 27 major programs are offered at Kansas State University and 7 different types of degrees are awarded on the two-year and four-year level with one graduate degree being offered as well. The most popular field of study at the university is the common Business Administration & Management. Many business students have gotten baccalaureate certification from the university, either through a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, or a Bachelor of Business Administration. Although the university is diverse in its offerings, online education and distance learning programs aren’t currently a part of those. Since the university is still growing and already utilizes online elements, it is likely to feature online courses in the near future setting the place for distance learning programs to flower in the future.

Other popular majors include, but are not limited to Nursing, General Health & Physical Education, Professional Studies, and Elementary Education & Teaching. Although the popular majors at the university are often covered by other colleges with equal emphasis, the university’s programs are competing to be the top in the state. Likewise, other majors at the university receive strong attention and fully qualified faculty.

Undergraduate full-time tuition amounts to $18,200 per year, and part-time tuition costs $220 per credit hour. Graduates pay $9,840 for full time enrollment, and $410 per credit hour for part-time enrollment. The university already costs little, but has gone to great lengths to ensure that each student receives a financial contribution to complete their education. This is most likely due to their backing in Methodist resources and circles of philanthropic aid.

What is obvious about Kansas Wesleyan University is its commitment towards helping students grow. The resources are plenty, financial aid is generously dispersed, and the best possible education is supplied for the money you pay. Whether you are pursuant of a degree or certification in Nursing, or want to train to be a professional in the corporate landscape, KWU makes that possible. This makes Kansas Wesleyan University an excellent choice for Christian students to pursue their dreams.

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