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Kean University is a public university that seats itself in Union Township, New Jersey. What is to be most recognized about this university is that the staff and faculty are dedicated to student success individually and holistically. They achieve this by ensuring equity for each student that steps up to the challenge of a collegiate education. Certain divisions of the university have earned them a statewide reputation for the departments of Teaching and Physical Therapy, thus attracting students from all over the state, and, likewise, the country.

The university had its start under the name of Newark Normal School. This initial platform focused almost exclusively on education in the field of Teaching. As time passed the normal school changed location and expanded its academic appendages resulting in Kean College of New Jersey. Just before the turn of the millennia, the college gained university status. Today, Kean University is expanding its reaches around the globe with a developing campus located in Wenzhou in the Zhejiang Province of China.

The global enterprise that Kean is building, of course, wouldn’t be possible without continuous enrollment in their strong and far-reaching distance education program. Courses offered at Kean University span a variety of disciplines and thusly be used for a variety of collegiate directions. The technology involved in this process is also prepped for a variety of purposes and has fully integrated itself into the university and the computers of each and every student enrolling online. This makes things efficient both in helping the education plan along and in maintaining the education plan.

Certification and workshops are available online for working adults that need to sharpen their skills or make a change in their occupation with some credentials. Software, online resources, and attentive, available Kean University staff supplements this. As of yet, there are no full programs that enable a student to receive a degree entirely at a distance, but the university’s grasp in distance education is far-reaching and bound to fill out into full programs in the near future.

Tuition varies based on the student’s residence. In-state students pay $5,988 for full-time education per year, part-time students pay $200 per credit hour. For out-of-state students, full-time tuition costs $10,470 per year, with part-time students paying $349 per credit hour. 3 out of 4 students at the college are receiving financial aid of some kind, with the university contributing a good percentage of that, and federal, state, and local sources filling out the rest.

Kean University is New Jersey’s hub for Teacher Education and Physical Therapy. If your major isn’t one of those two, where better to receive a degree in your major than a university that creates teachers? The proof is in the pudding that students receive a complete education that suits their aspirations as fully as the student pursues them. Regardless of whether or not you are on campus or online, Kean University delivers the quality you need to get ahead.

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