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Keck Graduate Institute is a small school for graduates that is located in Claremont, California. What KGI focuses on is a curriculum and spread of academic programs that are designed to meet the rapidly changing field of Biosciences. This is mainly achieved in the schools efforts to create a unique graduate school that combines scientifically proficient knowledge with a set integrated business and management skills. This allows students to coordinate their own institutions, departments, and businesses to not just work in, but influence their field of study as well.

In 1925, resources were gathered to create a group of colleges called the Claremont colleges with the coordination and administration of the president of Pomona College. Keck Graduate institute is the seventh and the newest college in the group being founded under the direction of Dr. Henry E. Riggs. A $50,000,000 dollar grant was given towards the formation of the institute that became Keck Graduate Institute, named after the W.M. Heck Foundation from which the grant originated. Since then, its renowned academics and research have expanded to accommodate the swift enrollment of students that followed.

As of yet, the Keck Graduate institute has not fully developed a distance learning platform that can fully transport a student to a degree via online services. Bearing that in mind, the institute offers a multitude of online courses that go in tandem with on-campus schedules. That aside, there online courses offered that a student can use to supplement the current makings of a degree or arrange for independent study.

Student to faculty ratio is an impressive 8 to 1. This is a tribute to the importance of individualized education in graduate fields, as KGI has recognized. The fields of study that are the most prominently chosen in regards to Keck are Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences. For this reason, these specializations have become the forefront of what Keck has to offer.

Tuition at the Keck Graduate Institute comes out to $37,900 per year full-time, and $1,133 per credit hour for part-time students. Typically students enroll full-time, which has made the school a good choice for accelerated learners. A variety of merit-based and need-based scholarships are available for qualifying students. Federal, state, and local grants have also been granted to curtail the cost of tuition.

The Keck Graduate Institute is a designated platform of education for students that want to pursue the Applied Life Sciences. The faculty is a group of professionals that hold the highest degree in their field and have usually been employed before they became professors. With that in mind, the institute is a target for students that would enjoy direct attention from a professional who has executed the theory multiple times in practice. Biological Sciences are the capstone of Keck’s academics both in curriculum and in the research they perform. The Keck Graduate school will soon be available for distance learners like you around the world.

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