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Keene State College is a medium-sized liberal arts college that is located in the city of Keene, New Hampshire.  Keen is a college that doesn’t just run a student through a curriculum and a major, it’s a college that equips students to think creatively, but most of all, critically. By these means, students will become active participants in their field  and pursue work with meaning that will last a lifetime. As a public college, the opportunities provided are available to all who apply, particularly those in need.

Keene State College has a well-developed Distance Learning program designed for working adults who students who can’t make it to campus to pursue their degree. A variety of resources are made available to aid the technological aspects of a distance education. In supplement to that, there are also forces instituted by Keene that help the student in the academic aspects of distance learning.

Distance learning courses are short and usually span the length of six weeks, sometimes more including assessments and projects. The courses that are offered by Keene State are extensive and can be arranged any which way the student chooses. Arrangements mean asynchronous placement of courses, and independent study can also be arranged.

The online courses and distance programs are contracted through Ed2Go. Some of the course titles include Accounting Fundamentals, Medical Terminology, Introduction to SQL, Medical Coding, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Introduction to Java Programming. Classes can be taken in a variety of fields. Health Care and Medical courses feature very advanced online resources that put the student in the depths of knowledge that fields such as these require. Law and Legal programs take the brick-and-mortar expense out of receiving an education for studies that range from Criminal Justice to Litigation.

Tuition varies by status of residence. For New Hampshire residents,  full-time students should expect to pay $6,600 per year, and part-time students should expect to pay $275 per credit hour. Nonresident, full-time students should expect to pay $14,450 per year and part-time students pay $602 per credit hour. That is the standard model of cost at Keene State, but individual courses at the university are usually around the range of $100 a piece.

Keene State University, as a public university, has done well to curtail the cost of tuition. In addition, the university grants 4 out of 10 students aid through institution. Federal, state, and local grants are also available to aid students. This has resulted in 82% of Keene State students receiving some form of financial aid. Popular majors at Keene State are Elementary Education & Teaching, Business Administration & Management, Occupational Safety & Health Technology, Communication Studies, and Clinical Psychology.

Keene State University means success. Students can achieve success by using the resources that Keene State offers and continually renews for that very purpose. On top of that, affordability, high standards, and qualified faculty have attracted enough students to propel the university towards the top of the charts in academic achievement. Academic achievement on your behalf is simply following in that tradition.

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