Keeping Safe in the Summer

You were probably hesitant to read this article because the title sounds really lame, to be honest. But I don’t mean keeping safe in the conventional sense – because sure, I could write another 500 words on why drinking and driving is bad for you, but you already know that. You’ve already heard of that. And you, if you’re not entirely just plain reckless, abstain from doing it. And good for you, I hope you continue doing that. But no, I’m going to look at the other things that can happen. From using some sort of SPF to getting some kind of sleep – though it is hard to remember to do either.

Safety first, ya'll. (photo by krossbow)

Safety first, ya’ll. (photo by krossbow)

#1. Drinking Water at Shows and Concerts

Yes, I realize that sometimes, water is ridiculously overpriced. But it’s not uncommon for young adults to become quickly dehydrated in outdoor venues, and even pass out! Some people have even died at shows and concerts. Take care of yourself by planning ahead and bringing a water bottle, or extra money so you can buy some. After all, if you spent sixty-something dollars on a concert ticket, you’re gonna want to stay there and enjoy your money’s worth.

#2. Always Carry a Form of Weaponry

Boys, I would say you don’t need it as much as girls do – but the truth is that is not the case. Although girls are anatomically the weaker sex, you may need it just as much as we do. If it’s a pocket knife, to mace, carry something that can be used just in case. Recently I found out about a neighborhood nearby that is apparently full of criminals, that I have walked through both in the daylight hours and around one or two in the morning – without weaponry. Even though I own mace. I’m lucky nothing ever happened to me – but I can ensure that I will have my mace wherever I go now – and not just pepper mace, but pepper foam. Because the pepper foam can’t rebound back into your own eyes.

#3. Slather On That SPF!

If there’s anything I know, it’s that to keep your skin young, you need to take care of it while you are young so as to prevent wrinkles and all of that good stuff that comes along with age. The higher the SPF, the better. Not only that, but obviously the sun is beating down on you in the Summertime and you’re probably more active than you have ever been – so you know, it’s good to protect against skin cancer the best you can during these next few months. I personally don’t ever leave without SPF on my face – whether it be sunblock or my BB cream that oh so conveniently has SPF in it!

Anyway, these are unconvential ways to “stay safe” in the Summer that you should be doing already (prior to my writing of this article) but if not, it’s as good of a time to start as any.

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