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Kennesaw State University is public university that is one of the universities inside the circuit of the University System of Georgia. The university has enjoyed repeated accreditation the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. They also feature a wide array of majors and a plethora of degrees that are all available to each student. To cite an example of Kennesaw State’s expansive domain, the Nursing program is the largest in Georgia and arguably the best. Aside from that, the university prepares and certifies enough teachers to rank #2 in that respect.

The university has a strong set of online programs designed for the working adult and the geographically isolated student. At the four-year level, students can pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management & Entrepreneurship. This major is offered through the subsidiary Coles College of Business and is an excellent program for students who want to prepare for business studies in graduate school or take a fast route into a rewarding line of work in the corporate landscape.

Students can continue their education online at Kennesaw after they receive their baccalaureate degree as well. Some graduate programs are offered, like the Master of Science in Applied Computer Science, and the Master of Science in International Policy Management. There is even a Master of Business Administration available through KSU’s collaboration with Georgia Web.

Some other features are used for certificate programs. Students can receive a Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Ethics, or Graduate Certificate in Information Security & Assurance. These are both designed to supplement business majors that want to extend the reach of their credentials towards more specific business departments to become more potent in their line of work.

Online courses are also available independent of any of these programs. Asynchronous scheduling is an options students have. Online courses can also be arranged for independent study or to put together credit hours for a degree already in motion.

Tuition at Kennesaw State University varies based on the location of the student’s residence. In-state students pay $2,898 per year full-time and $948 per credit hour part-time. Out-of-state students will pay $11,590 per year full-time and $533 per credit hour part-time. Financial aid is made available through the institute, but, state and local sources are the chief supplier of financial aid along with federal sources, like FAFSA.

Kennesaw State University offers you a chance at getting your degree fully online without setting a foot on campus. These courses are taught by the same staff that work on campus and distance learners can expect the same quality and certification that on-campus courses provide. All the proper accreditation applies to online degrees awarded by Kennesaw, so the student need not worry about being at a lack for credentials. That aside, the programs are taught by instructors who have experience in the fields they teach. Thus, students will learn from the most practical resources and without a hefty price tag, whether it’s for school or gas.

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