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Kentucky Christian University is a Christian four-year university seated in Grayson, Kentucky. The university is non-profit and has received continual accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The goal and the long time mission of Kentucky Christian University is to prepare students through education for Christian leadership in professions worldwide.  In essence, the Bible is essentially the foundation of all curriculum at the university. Beyond that, the university is dedicated to service for the community and the many aspiring Christians that come to the university to elevate themselves through learning.

Every student at the university that is pursuing a four-year degree commits 30 credit hours to the field of Biblical Studies and Theology. In addition, the university has assembled a strong liberal arts core that, KCU believes, completes a Christian, ethical, and collegiate perspective that KCU finds a necessity to pursue a field with conscience. As Christians, students can also partake in worship and other communal services to help serve the cause that they are committed to.

The online materials that KCU provides are a basic framework for students to arrange classes without entering a degree program. The university has yet to feature a full-fledged degree program, but, it is making headway to start offering degrees online in the near future. Degrees conferred at KCU will receive the same credit and status as a degree earned on-campus.

The online courses were originally intended to supplement on-campus study. However, students enrolling from a distance have the option of taking whichever class they need to pursue their course of study. Classes can be taken asynchronously without the requirement for earning a degree. Classes can also be arranged for independent study.

The five most popular fields of study at KCU (Nursing, Youth Ministry, Elementary Education & Teaching, Theological & Ministerial Studies, and Business Administration & Management) are split rather evenly between students. Many successful business majors have taken advantage of the rich, Christian resources that KCU has to offer. Nursing usually goes hand in hand with a Christian college due in part to one of the crucial teachings of Jesus: healing of the sick.

Tuition, on a yearly basis, costs $13,408 for full-time students. Part-time students pay $419 per credit hour. Graduate students pay $4,050 per year full-time and $225 per credit hour part time. Due in part to the rich, Christian resources that surround KCU, every student at the university is receiving financial aid from the university itself. Federal, state, and local grants have also been plentiful and have combined well with the institutional grants from KCU to thoroughly curtail the cost of tuition.

If you are an aspiring Christian student that wants to take their career to new heights, KCU is for you. You’ll find a supportive atmosphere that gives everyone the attention and the direction they need. Aside from that, you’re journey into the collegiate atmosphere doesn’t have to interfere with your relationship with God. Bring them both together and study at Kentucky Christian University.

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