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Kentucky State University is a public four-year college that is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, the state capital. The Princeton Review has listed Kentucky State as “A Best Southeastern College” and has enjoyed continued accreditation. The university focuses on arranging its education for a diverse range of students, and not simply the ones that meet a certain set of standards or principles. Apart from this, the university has engaged in partnerships with the community to provide a wide range of opportunities for students and especially citizens of Kentucky’s Commonwealth.

Kentucky State is a part of the Kentucky Virtual University network. Students can access the school from anywhere there is internet access thanks to their contracting with Blackboard services that facilitate the distance learning experience. Adding to this, there are no set schedules or times that the student has to adhere to except the flexible deadlines that the courses go by. There is also an entire virtual library available for students learning at a distance so that online learning has access to the same resources that on-campus learning does.

So far, Kentucky State University offers one complete baccalaureate program for distance learners. This is better known as the Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration. This is a program that is designed for students that want employment in managerial, supervising, decision-making positions within the public sector. Following this, there are also similar jobs available in the private and non-profit sectors. What the curriculum mainly focuses on is the practical, investigative, and analytical skills necessary to conduct effective inspection and oversight maneuvers within a public or private agency. The degree in this program can be earned without setting a foot on campus.

In addition, there are many courses available that can be arranged independent of a degree program. Classes can be put towards a degree already in motion, used asynchronously, or even arranged for independent study. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Accounting Information, Principles of Aquaculture, Introduction to Art, Multimedia Production, Management Information Systems, English Composition, and Technical Writing.

For undergraduate students the cost of a credit hour on the Kentucky virtual network is $280, and for graduate students, the cost per credit hour is $350. The university has made plenty of financial aid available despite its already public status. 4 in 10 students at the campus are receiving financial aid from Kentucky State itself either through merit-based scholarships or need-based grants. Federal, state, and local grants have also been regularly received leaving a total of 93% of students receiving some form of financial aid.

Kentucky State University isn’t just a public university. KSU is a body of 2,500 students, the faculty to match, and a well-spring of opportunities both on campus and online. For students that want to pursue a career, but don’t have the time or resources to make it on campus, KSU distance learning is an excellent and more than adequate alternative.

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