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Kentucky Wesleyan College, as the name denotes, is a small Methodist college located at Owensboro, Kentucky just minutes from the Ohio River. As a part of the Methodist ethics of the college, the college focuses on ensuring the success of each individual student. This is due to the fact that the infinite diversity of each human personality needs more than just an adherent set of principles. The human condition needs dynamic to achieve greater heights.

KWC offers degrees for working adults and students facing geographic barriers. Almost all courses and degree programs can be completed online with a few exceptions, and even those can be worked out by contacting the right staff member to make arrangements. The college offers three baccalaureate degrees that can be compiled and conferred by attending online courses.

One of the degrees conferred online is the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. The basic function of this program is to provide an accelerated course of study that follows a seven-week format for each class. Using this method, the college transports you from start to finish without worrying about excessive requirements, and other unnecessary embellishments of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree.

Also available to students online is the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The Criminal Justice program at Kentucky Wesleyan is considered one of the top programs in the country, and now its merits and educational resources are online! This program can be used to achieve a Criminal Justice major and can easily pair with studies in Forensic Science or be put towards a concentration in Natural Sciences.

A tribute to KWC’s flexibility online, the Bachelor of Arts/Sciences in General Studies puts the student in charge of their own course of study. In this approach, the student can decide and compile courses that they find the most relevant to their careers. Some possible majors to focus on include Urban Studies, Music, Public Health, Environmental Studies, and Literature. This degree can also be earned without setting a foot on campus, provided that there are no individual courses with exceptions.

The college has made itself reasonably affordable by charging $15,500 per year for full-time students and $450 for part-time students. Financial aid is bounteous at the college, with 99% of students at the college (basically anyone who needs it) receiving financial aid from Kentucky Wesleyan itself. Federal, state, and local grants have also been known to be dispersed widely and generously over KWC applicants. As a result, all but a handful of students are receiving some form of financial aid.

An education at Kentucky Wesleyan College is not just an education of the mind, it’s an education of the spirit as well. When you enroll in a school that has a supportive environment like KWC, it allows you to grow and become the professional that you want to and deserve to be. For these reasons, Kentucky Wesleyan College is a critical choice for Christian distance learners that are facing financial or geographical difficulties.

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