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Kenyon College is a liberal arts college affiliated with the Episcopal Church and located in Gambier, Ohio. Kenyon bases its curriculum in a strong background of the liberal arts and sciences, which gives the student holistic perspective in their field of study and also allows the college to integrate interdisciplinary studies. Classes are small thus giving each individual student the attention and interaction that they need to get ahead and get their degree. Kenyon College sees collegiate education for what it is: a challenge that every credential holder must face, an intellectual experience that brings deep rewards, and something important as well as beneficial to a democratic society.

The college started as an outreach program established by a Bishop by the name of Philander Chase. He sought to establish a seminary to train clergymen that were in the area, but didn’t have the formal background. Eventually, after an extensive fundraising campaign ran from England, enough funds were put together to incorporate a college by 1824. As the college progressed, the staff expanded their walls and academics to accommodate an elite class of students that would propel the school to the highest of standards. Kenyon College gets its name from Lord Kenyon, one of the original donors to the college’s establishment.

There are a few things that are only offered at Kenyon College and that also set the college apart from the pack. For instance, students can become Review Associates that perform tasks like interviewing visiting writers, and supervising the organization of a literary journal. In addition, students can pursue paid research positions working with their professors. Likewise, students can become apprentice teachers as a part of the Kenyon Intensive Language Model which has been nationally recognized for its efficiency and proficiency in language education.

As of right now, Kenyon doesn’t feature any distance learning or online programs. In the future, the college is apt to use its resources to join the thousands of schools that are spreading their reach to online platforms for distance learners just like you. Some popular areas of study at the college are English Language & Literature, Psychology, Economics, History, and Political Science & Government.

Full-time tuition for students amounts to $39,080 per year, and part-time students pay $1,221 per credit hour. About half of the student body is receiving institutional aid from Kenyon College and a small part of the students are receiving federal, state, and local grants to supplement. Most grants and awards are given in the form of a merit-based scholarship or a need-based grant, but alternative methods of funding are available.

Kenyon College is a college that strives to be unique. Uniqueness not only sets Kenyon apart, but it puts Kenyon ahead of the other colleges by giving students a fresh new look at collegiate education. It is only a matter of time before the college institutes online courses, and eventually, a distance learning program so that learners like you can experience a Kenyon education.

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