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Keuka College is a small, baccalaureate college in Keuka Park, NY with a forte in career training and professional education. Keuka college prepares students that want to take their degree right into the workforce and pursue a career in their field of study. The college has enjoyed repeated accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. They’ve even expanded their reach around the globe to open a campus in China! The college puts students in an experience that they direct themselves. In this way, the learning experience is student directed and often thought of as the best means of learning.

Online learning at Keuka College is directed through the Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP). Through this department, a small array of courses is available for online enrollment. Some of the course titles include Music Appreciation, Ethics, American Government, Sociology of the Family, and Abnormal Psychology. These courses can be put towards a degree that is already in motion, arranged asynchronously to fill out your schedule, or used for independent study.

In addition to a good selection of courses for distance learners, Keuka College has also made successful efforts to provide complete resources for online students. Distance learners can access the online library at Keuka complete with eBooks, downloadable content, and databases that can be accessed remotely over the internet.

The process doesn’t stop there. When you have completed your degree and want to move on to a career, Keuka College features Career Services designed to facilitate the transition from college to work. It covers the basics: choosing a major and occupation, finding postings for jobs and internships, alumni networking, career transition tips, programs for graduate schools, and career development. Beyond that, Keuka makes a variety of employment resources available through open information and collaboration with other institutions and businesses.

The most popular field of study at Keuka College is the commonly pursued field of Business Administration & Management. Other popular majors include, Nursing/Registered Nurse, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, Special Education & Teaching, and Occupational Therapy. All of these are career oriented and can thusly transition the student into their preferred occupation with ease.

For undergraduate students enrolling full-time, tuition amounts to $21,140 per year and part-time students should expect to pay $705 per credit hour. Graduate students pay $14,300 per year, and part-time graduate students pay $550 per credit hour. Every student at Keuka College is receiving some form of institutional aid through Keuka College. Aside from this, almost 8 out of 10 students partake in state or local grants, and almost 4 out of 10 partake in federal grants.

Keuka College is resourceful, career-oriented, and efficient making this school the best choice for pre-professional study and a swift path to a degree. Students not only learn what they are ardent about, but they also take their own direction with their studies. In short, Keuka College puts the reigns in your hands and allows you to take control of your life.

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