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King College is a small college that is situated in Bristol, Tennessee. The college prides itself in its Presbyterian heritage and carries out the tradition by offering a Christian environment in a university setting. The college features a wide array of studies for its size and has truly allowed students to flourish in their fields of study, and graduation has shown. The college aims at educating students in a setting that is both rigorous and collegiate while integrating Christian faith, service to the community and church, and an education that meaning beyond just getting the grade.

Under the administration of the Peeke School of Mission, King College offers two distance learning courses that have been accredited by a variety of institutions, like the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. Credits received from either of these courses receive the same instructive quality and value as courses taught on campus.

One of the courses offered at King College is titled A Team Approach to Caring for the Whole Person. The course attacks the problem of chronic illness through the holistic approach by looking at the psychosocial factors that can affect a person. Students learn to heal sickness through managing stress, appealing to the emotions of the patient, satiating the spiritual disruptions that have occurred, and correcting poor lifestyle choices.

The other course offered at the Peeke School of Mission is titled The Principles and Practice of Community Health. This course takes a similar approach towards bettering people through addressing the whole person. Students learn about the effects of culture, communal values, and the network in which people communicate, and then progress on to learn how to correct potential problems in that scope.

Students can also pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration entirely online. This distance learning program was designed with the developing professional in mind. Practical training and pre-professional musts are combined with a complimentary background in the liberal arts equipping the business student with the right balance of expertise and ethic. All courses and programs at King College are taught using the latest technology and the best resources to make learning over the internet as close to the classroom as possible.

For the two individual courses the total price comes out to $600 per course. For the Bachelor of Business Administration program, students pay $295 per credit hour, or $1,180 per course, or $3,540 per semester, excluding fees for admission, registration, resources, etc. Due largely in part to the college’s Presbyterian affiliations, financial aid has been granted to 99% of attending students through Christian scholarship and need-based grants. Federal, state, and local grants are also available to help curtail the cost of tuition.

For Christian students that want to get ahead and land themselves in a rewarding career, King College is a key choice. For students that want to gain perspective in ministry or faith, King College has the resources. With that in mind, the college has made enough resources available for distance learners to be considered a very supportive college and will continue to support all that come to learn.

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