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King’s College is a small liberal arts college accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. For 16 consecutive years, King’s College has been placed among the ranks of the best colleges in the nation by the U.S. News and World Report. The college mainly focuses on giving students the individual attention they need to pursue a rigorous course of study. Beyond that, the college is supportive and lends a hand to every student that reaches out to start their degree.

Originally the college was founded to provide education to the children of the coal mining locale. The Congregation of Holy Cross created the college as a fledgling branch of the University of Notre Dame and, with contributions from the miners, clergy, and the citizens of Wilkes-Barre, has maintained smooth successful operation since.

King’s College not only offers courses online, but also has established a specific branch for distance learners get what they need out of the online program. The college uses some of the latest technology and has done well to keep up with modern trends. An example of such is their use of videoconferencing to convey lessons in a video format directly over the internet to your computer. Working adults, isolated students, and high school students alike can participate and put credits towards the degree they desire.

The college harbors a small variety of course titles, like Psychological Dynamics & Society, or American Government. Although there are courses available online, the college is still venturing to expand its facilities and doesn’t yet feature a full distance learning program that can earn a degree. Needless to say, the college will have these capabilities in the future, as they are ardently working on an online platform that will later host a much bigger array of classes.

The college tends to focus on business related majors. Some popular majors include Accounting, Communication & Media Studies, the popular Business Administration & Management, Physician Assistant, Criminal Justice, and Safety Studies. The college also has concentrations in Nursing and Teacher Education.

Undergraduate full-time students pay $24,680 per year at King’s College, part-time students pay $480 per credit hour. Graduate students pay $29,460 per year for full-time enrollment and $680 per credit hour for part-time enrollment. 99% of students at King’s College have received financial aid through the college in the form of an institutional grant and in generous amounts. Federal grants account for approximately one quarter of the student body and state or local grants have supplied almost half.

King’s College is designed for students that want to get the fullest out of their education with room to explore on their own. The supportive environment, expansive resources, and individualized instruction are a tribute to this and a key element in keeping the King’s tradition alive. Students shine their brightest when education is given to them as they need it the most, and this definitely includes those that want to learn at a distance.

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