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Knox College is a small, baccalaureate liberal arts college seated in Galesburg, Illinois. Knox College has achieved a prestigious rank among colleges for its high academic standards and its long standing goal to help students achieve their dreams by flourishing and developing them individually. The college is also known for its diverse student body which puts students in an environment that harbors all backgrounds, philosophies, and schools of thought. Students at Knox College are strongly encouraged to broaden their perspective to encompass a holistic view of the world. The liberal arts curriculum is a tribute to this giving students many different academic instruments to assemble their education with.

Knox has always had an egalitarian air about the campus. It was Knox College that hosted the Lincoln-Douglas debate when Lincoln argued against slavery on moral grounds. In 1837, social reformers founded the Knox Manual Labor College and changed its name to the present title in 1857. Knox College gets its name from Knox County in which it is located.

Popular fields of study at Knox College are Creative Writing, General Education, General Psychology, Social Sciences, General Biology, and Biological Sciences. Students who major in General Education, in the case of Knox, are engaged in independent study. Note also that the liberal arts college not only features, but has a divisional forte in a few science majors. Currently, Knox College doesn’t feature any online courses or distance learning programs. In the future, Knox will be assembling an online distance learning platform for students to engage in later on.

What’s more important about Knox is that independent thought is crucial to the education process. In this manner, both the students and faculty are engaged in the material and creates a learning experience that has much more depth and coherence. With that aside, students learn from either professors or professionals ensuring that the instruction offered in each class is that of experience and expertise.

Full-time students attending Knox College pay $30,180 per year, and part-time students pay $3,350 per credit hour. Financial aid has been generously awarded from Knox through institutional grants to 96% of attending students. This is mostly due to their commitment towards diversifying the student body by awarding need-based grants to less fortunate students, ethnic scholarships to foreign students or students of color, and scholarships for a variety of purposes. Federal, state, and local aid is also available and being received by approximately 2 out of 10 students.

In short, this college is a prime choice for inquisitive students who want to pursue the liberal arts to the ends of a baccalaureate degree. Foreign and ethnic students, students of all financial or philosophical backgrounds, and students of science will also find plenty of resources at Knox College as well. Knox College is among the top colleges not because they throw a lot of money at doctoral professors and filter out prime students, but because they harbor the best in each individual person and have inspired their students to succeed.

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