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Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is a public university seated in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Kutztown is comprised of four main concentrations: Business, Education, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Visual & Performing Arts. Between these four, Kutztown has harbored a diverse multitude of majors to choose from with a complimentary selection of interdisciplinary studies to go along as well. Following this is the university’s efforts to prepare students for their careers in ways that a typical curriculum can’t. This is achieved using anything from workshops, to pre-professional programs, to collaboration with other institutions and businesses to provide real world opportunities for the students.

Kutztown University offers a solid spread of distance learning opportunities that can deliver a student from no education to a degree without setting foot on campus. Distance learning courses are taught and maintained by Kutztown staff and uphold the same quality and accreditation as on-campus courses. Applying for and attending these courses are as simple as accessing the internet and exchanging the necessary information.

For undergraduates, there is a baccalaureate program in Nursing titled the RN-BSN Program. This program is designed for registered nurses that have prior credits in Nursing or have obtained an ASN and want to further their degree to the baccalaureate level. The courses in this program can be taken at the student’s own pace and have no time restrictions other than due dates and typical project timelines. Aside from that, the program is flexible and can be completed in just 5 semesters.

Graduates can pursue a few other degree programs to further their education from home without having to abandon the resources they’ve already procured. In supplement to the RN-BSN program, there is also a program that leads to the Master of Science in Nursing Education. This can be used for a variety of professions. The most forward application of this degree is in educating health care providers, and student nurses that are entering the profession at different certification levels.

Graduates can also pursue a Master of Science in Library Science or Instructional Technology. These courses are designed for librarians that want to pursue the administrative role of maintaining, gathering, distributing, and disseminating information and informational resources. That, or, the program features resources for science majors that want to work on the forefront of instructional technology and help schools acquire high-tech educational instruments.

Tuition is dependent on residency. In-state full-time undergraduates pay $5,358 per year, in-state part-time undergraduates pay $223 per credit hour, out-of-state full-time undergraduates pay $13,396 per year, and out-of-state part-time undergraduates pay $558 per credit hour. Financial aid is available through federal, state, local, external and institutional grants and scholarships. 81% of students are receiving financial aid in some form.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania is an excellent choice for nursing students and educational majors that want to obtain their degrees online. The resources that the university offers help you every step of the way ensuring your success and even enjoyment of your coursework.

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