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Founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, LA College International seeks to provide students with the education that they need to achieve “A better career. A better life.” Originally founded as the Institute of Computer Technology, or ICT College, LA College International has expanded to offer professional degrees to non-traditional students through on-campus and distance learning. Classes are offered on campus in Los Angeles, California at times that make it convenient for students to balance work and class. Distance learning courses are offered online so that students can “earn their degree on their terms.”

Although online distance learning is gaining social acceptance, there are still some misconceptions about the effectiveness of distance learning. One of the nice things about LA College is that the institution recognizes and refutes these misconceptions. Some of the biggest misconceptions are that students learn less in online classes and feel more isolated than on-campus students. LA College International utilizes research-based distance learning techniques for online learning that have been proven to help students learn more than on-campus classes. This is done by having all students assume and active role in their education through participation in debates, discussions, and projects in addition to completing assigned readings and taking tests. This helps students to more fully learn and understand that material than passive note-taking done in on-campus classes. Also, this helps students to increase their skills in computers and written communication. Furthermore, this increased interaction helps students to form a better professional bond with their classmates.

LA College International is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Accreditation by the ACICS allows LA College to award Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees. Classes are small, with approximately 15-17 students, ensuring that each student is more than just a number on a roster. Associate of Arts (AA) degrees are offered in Business Management and Health Care Administration. Specializations for Business Management include Accounting, e-Commerce, and Small Business Management; Health Care Administration has a specialization in Billing and Coding. An Associate of Science in Criminal Justice is also available, but is not available online for students in Arizona.

Bachelor of Science degrees are available in Business Management, Health Care Administration, and Criminal Justice. Specializations for Business Management include Accounting and e-Commerce, and the specialization for Health Care Administration is Management Information Systems. As with the Associate’s in Criminal Justice, online classes are not available for students residing in Arizona.

Tuition and fees are not listed on the website for LA College. However, several financial aid options are available. Financial aid is available in the form of federal and state grants, such as the Cal Grant, federal work-study, federal loans, and the competitive LA College International Loan. Company reimbursement or direct bill is also available at participating employers. Furthermore, LA College International a Military Friendly Institution, and active duty military can have up to 100% of their undergraduate tuition (up to 6 courses) paid for by Active Duty Tuition Assistance (TA).

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