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La Roche College is a small college located in the suburbs of McCandless, Pennsylvania. La Roche College is primarily a Catholic institution for higher learning. What the curriculum focuses on is a unique blend of a liberal arts background and professional training that is aimed at preparing students for a rapidly changing world of business and technology. To that end, the college has devised a unique core program that integrates global perspective with interdisciplinary courses while allowing the student’s major to pivot off of those givens. The college is globally oriented and strives to instill values into a sound education.

La Roche has devised a distance learning program that spans a collection of courses that can be taken anywhere online. Some courses at La Roche will require an occasional visit to campus, but some out-of-state students have been able to make arrangements otherwise. As for scheduling, distance learning courses follow the student’s own pace. The student decides when to watch the lectures, read the material, or complete and submit their assignments.

La Roche also goes through Blackboard and uses a variety of other similar software solutions to facilitate the distance learning experience. In addition, the arrangement of courses can be entirely of the student’s choosing. Courses can be taken asynchronously or can be arranged for independent study. There are currently no complete degrees that are offered online via the La Roche distance learning program, but, with technological trends and advancements in education technology, online credentials will become available soon.

Some popular fields of study at La Roche are Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences, Nursing/Registered Nurse, Human Resources Management, Personnel Administration, Interior Architecture, and General Management Science. These majors are a tribute to the college’s selection of pre-professional programs that are designed to deliver the student from study to work as seamlessly as possible.

Undergraduate full-time students should expect to pay a yearly fee of $19,660 for tuition and $500 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $12,840 yearly for tuition and $535 per credit hour. With La Roche having a multitude of philanthropic and Catholic resources, a gratuitous amount of financial aid is dispersed every year. On average, 97% of students that attend La Roche are receiving institutional aid from the college itself. Federal, state, and local grants have provided about half of the student body with funds for tuition.

It is the student’s power to expand and change their world, and La Roche is the college to help the student do just that. Many colleges will simply install a curriculum of general education and chart the student’s progress as they compile credits for their degree. La Roche, on the other hand, offers superior education, a liberal arts curriculum with perspective, and programs that supply students with professional expertise that ascends merely studying the field. With that in place, students from all over the world have come to join La Roche and, soon, students who can’t board a plane to attend campus will be able to earn their degree at home.

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