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La Salle University is a Roman Catholic university that is seated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The traditions at La Salle University are a tribute to the Christian Brothers and address excellence in instructional quality, core values, and individualized study, to name a few. In the Catholic perspective, education must touch the whole person, and not simply the passion or the intellect. Spirituality is taken into consideration and the collegiate experience at La Salle has been sculpted accordingly to accommodate this. Aside from that, the university assures student success through a supportive environment that features all of the resources that a Catholic student needs.

La Salle University has established a wide array of distance learning opportunities that span the range of master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, certificates, and online courses. Proper resources are put in place to answer all of the distance learner’s questions and allow the full range of communication between the student and their instructor.

One of the programs available 100% online is the Master of Science in Human Capital Development. The curriculum and flow of this program is aimed at human resource managers that are responsible for training, advising, and maintaining a workforce. Students learn how to manage information, develop coordinating skills, and lead with effective and practical management. Provisions are also made within the program to ensure that students can get maximum productivity and efficiency out of the future workforce that they manage.

In addition to degree programs, La Salle offers individual courses that can be chosen a la carte by distance learners. Courses can be put toward a degree already in motion. Courses can also be arranged for asynchronous or independent study, depending on the student’s preference. Most importantly, courses taught at La Salle are taught by La Salle’s own on-campus instructors ensuring the same quality education for distance learners as for students attending class in person.

Most of the online programs are for graduate studies. Graduates should expect to pay $16,300 per year for full-time enrollment, and $675 per credit hour. Many online courses at La Salle range around $600 usually do to the inexpensive format of online classes. Financial aid has been generously awarded by La Salle through institutional grants for 94% of students enrolled. Federal, state and local grants have supplemented this by providing aid for about 2 in 10 students.

La Salle University puts the student in control. Instead of the university setting the path for you, you simply choose the resources that you need and assemble a personalized course of study that carries you through the requisites and embellishments of the degree you desire. Distance learners especially have access to this advantage. Classes can be taken anywhere that internet access presides and students can take courses at their own pace and at their own level. Assured quality is a trademark of a La Salle education and students, whether on campus or on-line receive the utmost attention and the finest in a Catholic education.

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    How can I get my diplom from la sale 1979 accredited

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    I would like to do MBA distance learning. how do I proceed

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