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Lasell College is located in Newton, Massachusetts, near Boston (Photo by thisreidwrites)

Ranked as a “Best Regional College” in the North Region for 2013 by U.S. News and World Report, Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts, is a private, comprehensive college offering professionally oriented bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Situated just 8 miles from downtown Boston, Lasell is perfectly situated to pair its students with private industry and public agencies in internships. Whether it is justice students assisting at the U.S. Marshall’s Office, or athletic training students aiding in the Boston Marathon, both parties benefit by combining the latest classroom innovations with practical experience.

Fulfilling its mission of “engaging students in the practice of their fields of study through collaborative learning that fosters lifelong intellectual exploration and social responsibility” for more than 150 years, this accredited school prides itself on supplementing its students’ learning with such hands-on activities such as internships, practicum, service learning, and meaningful projects.

In addition to its current opportunities, Lasell has launched a new initiative, the Small Business Institute (SBI). According to Lasell, the SBI gives marketing and management undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to serve local small businesses through Connected Learning opportunities. Lasell College students are to act as a confidential resource for entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners in the areas of training, project management, and consulting.

The stated objectives of the Small Business Institute are to:

  • Connect text theories and concepts in marketing and management courses with the various components to manage a small business operation.
  • Help small businesses meet and navigate various challenges in their operation.
  • Develop projects to expand the practice of small business operations through innovative, creative programs, and global initiatives.

Lasell offers more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs, including the 100% online graduate degrees in Master of Science in Communication, Management, and Sport Management. Lasell also offers hybrid degrees, for those disciplines that require practical experience. Online study is asynchronous, giving students greater flexibility in attending lectures and completing assignments. Each class is highly interactive through Moodle, its course management system, and enrollment in each online course is capped at 23 students. Lasell also offers the innovative Try the Program Out, in which students may register for up to 3 graduate level courses on a trial basis, to determine whether their goals are compatible with studying at Lasell.

While Lasell College requires a high school transcript, ACT or SAT 1 scores, plus 2 letters of recommendation (1 academic), and a personal essay, there is no minimum required GPA for application. Instead, in addition to academic record, Lasell takes into consideration the following values and factors in making its admission decisions:

  • Student Focus
  • Innovative Education Across the Lifespan
  • Integrity, Honesty and Ethical Decision Making
  • Social Responsibility, Mutual Respect and Kindness
  • Extracurricular involvement
  • Choice of academic program at Lasell

Not content to rest on its considerable laurels, Lasell is in the process of implementing Vision 2017. This concept includes Lasell offering a total of 8 Master’s Degree programs, installing SMART technology in all its classrooms, and providing online support 24/7 by 2017.

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