Last Inning of High School, What to do Now?

It has come to the point where there are less than two months left of high school for seniors. There are exactly seven weeks left of class for them left. Many seniors are now asking themselves so what now? They are now questioning what they are supposed to do in the small time remaining and if it is worth it. They have done school for so long and every day seems the same. They are starting to wonder the point in every assignment and lecture. Nothing seems important to them anymore unless it has to do with college or their major. What some seem to forget is that you must take the rest of your high school career seriously to become successful. You can not slack off especially now when you are so close to the finish line. You have to stay determined and persistent and know that you did your best every single day, not just some days. It will pay off in the future.

How to keep seniors motivated in the last couple of months and how to fight off senioritis.(photo credit Parker Knight)

Motivation is the key to staying focused in the last two months or so. Remember all that you have worked for. You have studied and been tested for so long. You have worked so hard and done everything to become successful. Do not make all of that effort go to waste. Keep up with the hard work and you will not regret it. What you do in high school will effect what you can do and will do once you graduate. Take high school as a joke even in just the last couple of months and you will end up with a low income and struggling to make ends meet. Keep up with your motivation and do the best you possibly can and you will be succeeding in your major and having a pretty good income without much to worry about. Money does make the world go ’round but education is what gives the money opportunities.

The most common excuse and fear in the end of senior year is a term called senioritis. No it is not an actual disease or illness. It is  a term that has been made to describe the lack of care and laziness that some seniors get when so close to graduation. You would think that being so close to graduation and finishing would make people motivated but it does the opposite. They get so tired of the same daily routine that they feel trapped in and flustered. They just panic and want to end it already. Seniors become anxious to graduate. They feel that every assignment is a waste of time when there “real life” will start so soon.

That state of mind is the exact opposite that should be used. Yes graduation is around the corner but colleges keep up with your grades and will take back acceptances and future employers care about how you acted in high school. You need to show commitment and success for the whole twelve years. Stay focused, do all of your work, and graduate with pride. School that is not college may seem pointless but keep striving and moving forward, you are almost there. You will start your adventure soon enough.

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