Last Minute Things To Do Before the School Year Starts

Honestly, school has been one of the last things on my mind. However, I realize that all of that has to change and school has to be my first priority as soon as it starts. But because my mind has been running free elsewhere, there are a few things I completely forgot to do. So, just in case you have forgotten things to do as well – here is a simple reminder!

#1. Get Ready the Night Before

If you or your kids are hard to handle in the mornings, or they haven’t exactly gotten in the swing of having a relatively normal school-minded sleep schedule yet, to save the heartache of struggling to get them or yourself up in the morning, plan ahead. This means plan out their outfits and get their bags ready before the day even starts, so as to ensure a quick leave. (Maybe even give them more time to sleep in – if you can!)

It's a good idea to visit your school if you've never been there before. (photo by bestlibrarian)

It’s a good idea to visit your school if you’ve never been there before. (photo by bestlibrarian)

#2. Ensure Everything is Paid For Accordingly

If you’re starting college or going back to it – make sure your financial aid office or OSFA knows of your scholarships, loans, and grants. If they don’t – you might get screwed over money-wise! And that’s not fun – especially considering college is so expensive.

#3. Figure Out How to Balance Work and School

If you’re deciding to go to school on a last minute scenario, then it’s a good idea to plan accordingly if you already have a job. For example, I knew that my work schedule is usually in the afternoons to nights – so I opted for morning classes to ensure that I would be available for work. If that scenario doesn’t work for you, you may have to talk to your boss about switching your schedule around.

#4. Get the Appropriate Vaccinations Done

There are certain times to get vaccinations for school – and they’re usually upon entering middle school, high school, and college. I know, shots suck – but sometimes they’re for your own good. College students are prone to bacterial meningitis, and any time you gather hundreds or thousands of kids in one place after being in solitude for a couple months, they’re going to be prone to illness. Each school or age group should have different requirements.

#5. Visit the School

Get familiar with where everything is. It’s the only way to ensure that you know where you’re going. Even time yourself on the commute there and walking to class, to ensure that you won’t be late to your class. It wouldn’t exactly be the best first impression on your professor or teachers.

#6. Take Advantage of Back to School Deals

If there’s ever a time to stock up on school supplies – it’s now. It’s a good idea to invest in printer ink, printer paper, notebooks, pens, and the like. If you save up, you could save tons later – because when you’re in desperate need of a notebook, you’re not going to mind spending 2.99 for a notebook – when they’re only 10 cents now.


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