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Along with the fast global development, language skills have become more and more important in international relationship, business, and travelling. Being bilingual or multilingual can make one stand out among job seekers. It pays to be bilingual. Thirty-one percent of business executives speak two languages, according to a poll of 12,562 visitors on Korn/Ferry International Website. If you are interested in learning another language but are too busy to go to school for that, online learning is the best choice for you . Here are some tips on learning foreign language online.

Confucius Institutes are located around the world to promote Chinese language and culture. The Institutes also offer online language learning. Photo credit: rahuldlucca

  • Tip One: Use Free Online Resourses

If something can be done for free, why pay for it? There are tons of free language learning materials. Go online and do some research to find the program that fits you the most. Websites like Learn A Language have lessons, games and activities that provide variety of learning styles. If you use a smart phone, it is even more convenient! Download an language-learning app for free. You can learn anyway, anywhere, and anytime. When choosing the apps, make sure it has the pronunciation function, because hearing the language is much more important than seeing the language.

  • Tip Two: Have a Learning-Schedule

To be successful in online learning, it is important to use your time wisely. Setting up an learning-schedule can help you to make consistent progress. Also, you should include review activities in your schedule. According to the Curve of Forgetting, you lose 50%-80% of what you learned the day before if you do not review the knowledge. In addition to review activities, you should also quiz yourself regularly. Keep the leaning-schedule on your desk, or use the reminder on your phone in order to prevent procrastinating. Remember, consistency is the secret of mastering another language.

  • Tip Three: Apply the Language

Languages are meant to be spoken. Just knowing the vocabulary and grammar does not make you know the language. That is why many people learn a language faster when they go to the country speaking that language. You may not be able to travel just to learn the language. Luckily, you can also apply the language online. You can look through your Facebook friends list to see if there are people who know the language. If they do, message them nicely to ask for help. Other than Facebook, there are phone apps that give you chance to make friends with foreigners and send voice messages to each other. Usually, those apps allow you to search users with criteria like language. Search for people who speak the language you are learning and know some English, so you can get the most efficient help.

Learning language online saves money and time, but also requires perseverance and time management. Check this post for some tips to succeed in online courses. Select online language learning program carefully and be aware of the spam. And remember, have fun with it. It is the experience that counts!

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