Learning From Books For More Than Assignments

We don’t learn by just finding out what two plus two is or by finding out why the earth rotates, we also learn by life and experience. Learning life lessons is just as important because it helps us progress in life and make the right choices when we come across a two sided path. Teachers assign books many times but what we may not realize right away is that they teach us more than a story.

We learn many life lessons from literature.(photo credit dweekly)

There is a plethora of ideas that classic literature teaches us about life. The main topics that teach us about are love, choices, and human ideology. Humans have tendency to let our emotions take over our conscious and actions. When we feel wronged, we want to immediately act and get revenge or get the wrong right. However you learn that revenge is never good and that those who do wrong, will be punished in good time and that it is not your place to do anything. Moby Dick is a good example on revenge not being worth it when Ahab keeps attempting to catch and kill the whale for revenge despite anyone’s reluctance and disapproval.

We are not impeccable people, we make mistakes and some are horrible, some are unbearable to live with. Some novels have also shed light on owing up to actions and listening to our actions. Raskolnikov in the novel Crime and Punishment steals and kills and thinks he can live his life on without having the ghost of his actions haunting him. He ends up going mad with guilt and confesses to the crime. Our conscience always wins and it is important to learn to listen to it in the first place.

Everyone is aware of Shakespeare and how great his plays were but some don’t realize their true meaning. Romeo and Juliet was not just a play about two lovers that were in families who hated each other. It was also showing how strong love can be and should be. No one should dominate over the other. Both people should be equal and want to do anything for the other. He also taught us that appearance is not everything, they can be very deceiving. In Othello turns to evil from persuasion from someone who he thought was a good friend.

There was an article on a teacher using a book to give a lesson to her students after an altercation with two of her students. Two young girls had fought over markers and crayons and later on the teacher read A Bargain for Frances the morale of the book was not lost on the students. It doesn’t have to be a five hundred page novel to teach something, a couple words can easily effect the mind.

Green Eggs and Ham is a very peculiar book that is silly and entertaining but does have a good message for kids. It gives them the impression that its good to try new things and challenge themselves. Its Time to Start Using Your Words teaches kids to express themselves with words instead of whining or crying to their parents. It also teaches independence and maturity.


Writing and reading have always been a way to express emotions and feelings but they also are a way to teach and spread ideas. Books are good for learning equations and theories but they also broaden our minds and teach us ideas that can help us with our lives whether it is with choices or our emotional state of mind.

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