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Long Island University is a higher education institution located on Long Island off the shore of New York. The university has painstakingly refined its programs to achieve some of the highest standards of education in the state of New York and in the United States. The university has spread its academics around the world with campuses in China, India, and Costa Rica, just to name a few. The university has received accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and continually receives recognition and funding from a multitude of American collegiate associations.

The university has an online program that is the first of its kind in regards to the state of New York. The program follows the study and major of Homeland Security Management and is offered in its complete separate own institute that is an appendage of LIU and not simply a piece of the curriculum. The degree is the first Master of Science available in this program of study and also the first at LIU to be offered fully online.

The program first awards the online Advanced Certificate in Homeland Security Management first before progressing to the Master’s level degree. Completion is short for the advanced certificate spanning only 15 credits. After that, an additional 36 credits are taken to assemble the Master’s degree.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to Border and Transportation Security, Securing Transportation Networks, Leadership in Homeland Security Management, Global Terrorism and Geopolitical Configurations, and Emergency Management. If a distance learner wishes, courses can be taken asynchronously and can then be put towards independent study that doesn’t necessarily pursue the degree.

In different majors, online courses are also available. Most online courses offered at Long Island University are designed to go hand in hand with hybridized on-campus degree programs, however, the courses can be taken by the student as the student desires. The university is strong in Pharmaceutical Studies, and Nursing. Although there is only one online degree available, the university has only recently begun distance learning efforts and is rapidly expanding.

Graduate students enrolling full-time should expect to pay $26,048 per year and $814 per credit hour for part-time studies. A large amount of grant aid has been dispersed to the majority of students attending. 87% of students are receiving institutional aid from Long Island University itself. Federal aid has supplied approximately 6 out of 10 students with money for tuition. State and local aid sources have supplied about the same number of students with grants.

Long Island University is the college to attend if you expect the best out of your instruction and the most of your career. Students at LIU are immersed in a diverse range of possibilities designed to propel students through their passions and their selected careers. Long Island University’s online programs and distance learning facilities are rapidly expanding and will soon accommodate students from all over the world.

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