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Loras College is a Catholic, baccalaureate, liberal arts college seated in Dubuque, Iowa. The college has made successful efforts to maintain its Catholic and diocesan traditions by encouraging students to achieve success and never lose sight of the ethics that got them there. Aside from that, students are free to pursue their field of study as they please, not only because they are in a diverse environment, but because there are resources to help them every step of the way.  For these reasons, Loras College has been nationally recognized as a diocesan college, and again as a private college.

The college was originally founded in 1839 by the reverend of which the college would obtain its name, Mathias Loras. It was initially named Saint Raphael’s Seminary for its purpose of training young men for priesthood and offering higher education to students that wanted to elevate their outlook with a degree. It had shared affiliations with the Catholic University of America, but later started its own graduate program starting with conferring the Master of Arts. Both the graduate and undergraduate portions of Loras College have received continual accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Currently the college features neither online degree programs nor distance learning courses. However, with continual change in collegiate and educational technology, colleges like Loras College will begin offering online courses in the near future. From there, distance degree programs can evolve.

Some popular majors at the college include, but are not limited to, Physical Education, Teaching, & Coaching, Elementary Education & Teaching, General English Language & Literature, General Psychology, and Accounting. Generally speaking, a lot of the students attending Loras College intend to join the ranks of teachers and other academic employees. This is a tribute to the Catholic college’s directive of serving the community and is also the college’s forte.

For undergraduate students enrolling full-time, the yearly cost comes out to $23,250, and credit hours are $465 each. For graduate students, full-timers pay $8,375 per year, and $465 per credit hour part time. All students at Loras College are receiving financial aid through the college itself. This is mostly due to the college’s rich Catholic resources that focus around the philanthropy of scholarships and need-based grants. 7 out of 10 students have received continual federal aid for tuition purposes and half as many have received state, local, & external grants.

What Loras means to the Catholic student is the chance to elevate themselves and their spirit through excellence in higher education. The resources involved in this process are plentiful, and the diversity and opportunities that go with this process are the same. Soon, colleges like Loras will offer their educational experience over the net to distance learners who are facing geographical or work-related barriers. For the time being, the programs they provide, the academics they teach, and the service they administer will be available to all who can make it to campus.

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