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Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary is a university that is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The college’s prime directive is to prepare ministerial students, Christian missionaries, Christian Teachers and Educators, and lay people of Christian faith for spreading the word of God throughout the world and their careers. As a university should, LBUTS continually seeks to improve the quality of the education that they offer and the academics they provide. The faculty at the university is the most qualified in their fields and offer the expertise that experience has brought and that rigorous study will incorporate.

The university was originally founded in 1973 under the name of Baptist Christian University and offering distance education right off the bat. The distance education was targeted at ministers that worked full-time and didn’t have the means to leave their pastorates. Over time, the academics developed into a baccalaureate institution that would educate students in Biblical Studies and Theological Studies. The university plans to establish a program for Business Administration & Management and will most likely do so in a distance learning format in addition to on-campus courses.

Louisiana Baptist University does offer a distance education program. Some online courses are available that teach students in the fields of Bible Theology and Baptist Theology. Some other courses are available in different subjects, however, little information is published about this. More information can be obtained by contacting LBU staff directly.

The university has gained approval of its education by a variety of non-credit organizations. Some of these include the Baptist Bible Fellowship International, the Association of Christian Schools International, and the Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools. Official credit from an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for the school will be gained soon, and this will promptly lead to the formation of degree programs.

Tuition per credit hour at Louisiana Baptist University is $98 making courses very affordable in respect to the quality of education that they provide. Enrollment fee at LBU is $100 and is a one-time fee. The only other immediately due charge on the books is the Course Delivery fee which is $150. Financial arrangements can be made for payment plans on a monthly basis.

Some financial aid is available through the university and is typically awarded on a merit-basis, and sometimes on a need basis. Due to their pre-millennial approach to administration, the university doesn’t accept financial assistance from federal programs. Some local and state aid has been accepted and serves as a small pillar of financial assistance for students enrolling at the university.

Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary is a great place for aspiring young ministers and Christian students to heighten their understanding of the Baptist faith. The educational environment is not only personalized, but supportive as well, and has helped deliver students to a variety of Christian professions. Distance learners will find that the quality of their instruction is the best possible and will soon attract students from around the world.

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3 comments on “Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary Distance Learning
  1. Gabriel Smith says:

    Louisiana Baptist University is a very good school with quality Christian Education. LBU is affiliated with Association of Biblical and Higher Education which is given to Credible Institution of Higher learning. Besides they are member of Association of Christian Schools International. LBU has an interesting Music Degree programme in Sacred Music. Which is very unique, candidates have to demonstrate a very high Professional level of Music Performance through DVD submissions. And high quality Dissertations. They give credits for courses taken at other institutions and set a Curriculum for Adult learners.

  2. Victor B. Carter says:

    I am interested in the masters program please

    • Victor B. Carter says:

      Thank you for your support in continuing my religious education. All that you can do to assist me is greatly appreciated.
      Victor Carter

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