Louisiana State University at Alexandria Distance Learning

Louisiana State University at Alexandria is a subsidiary branch of the main Louisiana State University campus and is located in Alexandria, Louisiana. The university is publicly supported and provides education for graduates and undergraduates. The prime directive of the university is to provide affordable access to associate degrees and baccalaureate degrees in addition to creating an inspired environment that will compel students towards their goals. With these goals in mind, the university has made successful efforts towards appointing instructors with ample qualifications for their students. Through these methods, LSU at Alexandria has served the community and the marketplace with steady academics.

LSUA offers a wide array of distance learning courses that can be taken online by enrolling students. The courses at LSUA are taught by the same instructors that teach on campus and the distance learner can expect the same quality of instruction as well. Courses can be taken individually or arranged in asynchronous or independent study. More commonly, courses can be put towards a degree in motion and help students eliminate the expense of on-campus courses.

The university at Alexandria doesn’t yet have a full degree available over the internet, however, other LSU branches do. With the backing of LSU resources and the help of the Louisiana State University System, the university will be incorporating a distance learning degree soon. Some course titles include, but are not limited to, Basic Electrocardiology, English Composition, Technical Writing, Criminology, Financial Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Introduction to Motor Learning, and General Statistics.

The university has online course concentrations that encompass the following majors: Health Sciences, Humanities, English, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Mathematics, and Nursing. Most of these courses are accepted credit-wise at any college around the United States and share a likewise accreditation. There are also resources available for distance learners that span the range of facilitating student-teacher interaction, coursework communication, and help with academic direction in online courses.

Tuition for undergraduate students enrolling full-time comes out to $2,522 per year. Part-time students from Louisiana pay $132 per credit hour whereas part-time students from outside of the state pay $239 per credit hour. Despite the very low cost of education at LSUA, the university has still offered institutional aid to approximately 2 out of 10 students. Federal grants have been received by 5 out of 10 students and state and local grants have given financial aid to 6 out of 10 students.

As a public university, Louisiana State University at Alexandria has provided a plethora of opportunities for students that need affordable education that is also that of quality. On-campus students have enjoyed the many possibilities in LSUA education, and distance learners are given the same quality instruction over the internet. If you need to take courses online to cut costs or fill out your degree without leaving your computer, LSUA is the education for you. It will be in the near future that you can earn your degree online from them too.

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