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Louisiana State University at Shreveport is one of the universities of the Louisiana State University System and is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. The university is regarded as the regional urban campus that provides higher education for students in the surrounding metropolitan area. Technology at the university is also a top priority, exemplified by their entirely internet-accessible campus and their full integration of technology into the scope of distance learning and its subsequent online courses. With that aside, the university is gaining national attention for the quality of its academics and the diversity of study it has spread the quality over.

The university offers a variety of online courses aimed at the student who needs to put credit towards a degree in motion, enhance their existing degree, or engage in independent study. The courses are equipped with the same faculty and accreditation that on-campus courses feature. Best of all, there are no set times and schedules for the courses. The student can simply take class when they want and submit the coursework along the course timelines and due dates.

There is a full online degree program offered by LSUS. That degree is the Master of Science in Human Services Administration. This field of study focuses on the principles of middle and upper level administration positions. This degree program can be completed 100% online meaning that the student need not set foot on campus to obtain their degree. Students learn about the balance between ethics in the workplace and effective, efficient management for the professional landscape.

In addition to online services, the university has provided more than adequate resources for the distance learner to stay on track and maintain the information they need. There are library resources for books, downloadable media, and anything else the student needs for their coursework. There is also career counseling and general information to guide the distance learner every step of the way towards their goal.

Tuition is dependent upon residence. For undergraduates, in-state participants pay $2,548 per year full-time or $106 per credit hour part-time and out-of-state participants pay $7,091 per year full-time or $295 part time. For graduates, in-state participants pay $2,349 per year full-time or $133 per credit hour part-time and out-of-state participants pay $6,699 per year full-time or $373 per credit hour part-time. Despite the already low costs of the university, state and local grants have picked up part of the tab for 3 out of 4 students on campus. Federal aid is dispersed to an average of 46% of students yearly, and the university itself supplies grants to 42% of their students.

Louisiana State University is a great, affordable, and effective university for students that want to pursue their degree for students that don’t want to graduate with debt. For distance learners that can’t attend campus, distance learning is also very affordable, well-supported, and well-developed. This is the university of choice when you need to get to your degree without the unnecessary and expensive embellishments of a regular university.

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  1. Debra A. Fisher says:

    I’m checking to see if you offer distance learning courses in African American Studies?

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