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Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, or commonly called Louisiana State University is a public university that is seated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The university is the flagship campus of the Louisiana State University System and sports almost 30,000 students every year. The university includes a strong culmination of colleges and institutions such as a graduate school, an honors college, a college of law, and several institutions for undergraduate research opportunities.

Online courses are made available through the LSU Independent & Distance Learning College. The courses are aimed at students that want to earn college credit at a distance, enhance their existing credentials, or expand their horizons of education. As of yet, the university doesn’t feature a full distance learning degree program, but a variety of advancements can be made through taking courses online at LSU.

There are a variety of fields and areas of study that the student can choose from when pursuing online education at LSU. Some of the subject areas offered include, but are not limited to, Accounting, Management, Philosophy, Economics, French, English, Business Education, Anthropology, French, Real Estate, and Physics. There is no particular peak area that the university pushes students towards. Rather, the curriculum is spread around a diverse range of topics to attract all different types of students, allow for interdisciplinary studies, and provide a general liberal arts core.

Some course titles include, but are not limited to Income Tax Accounting, Music Appreciation, Business Law, Marketing Research, Elementary Latin, Office Management, Sociology of Gender, Human Sexuality, and Principles of Macroeconomics. Biology and Business tend to be the most chosen studies giving the online curriculum a good balance between research-based sciences and practical sciences. Resources that span from library resources to career counseling are a part of the university’s online education and help students stay on track.

As a part of the Louisiana State University System, the university has been made very affordable for students coming from inside the state and outside the state. Undergraduate in-state students enrolling part-time will pay $163 per credit hour and $3,215 per year for full-time enrollment. Out-of-state students pay the same rate when enrolling full-time and part-time out-of-state students should expect to pay $489 per credit hour.

Despite the already very low cost of the university’s tuition, financial aid is plentiful and is awarded in ample amount each year. Institutional grants directly from LSU are given to 57% of students and the average grant amount exceeds a year’s tuition cost. State and local grants supply 8 out of 10 students with federal aid filling out some gaps. Overall, 96% of students are receiving financial aid in some form.

Louisiana State University is not only affordable, but has the variety and the supporting resources to get students to the degree they need. Although a degree is not fully available over the internet yet, distance learners should expect to see undergraduate degrees appear soon. For the time being, students can cut costs and eliminate transportation issues by enrolling online.

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