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Lourdes College is a baccalaureate, Catholic college located in Sylvania, Ohio. Lourdes college follows in the tradition of Francis of Assisi by striving to be an instrument of peace. The values of a Franciscan education are strong and are integrated into the fields of study that students have to choose from. The college believes that the intellectual aspect of a person is the first responsibility in driving an intelligent pursuit of both knowledge and faith. Beneath that is a strong liberal arts curriculum that harbors diverse perspectives in addition to allowing students the utmost freedom to choose their studies.

In 1942, the college was founded as an extension of the College of Saint Theresa. Just 16 years after its conception the college received accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Eventually the college opened up its doors for more secular study and, by 1975, the Lourdes College became coeducational. The first two degrees to be offered by the college were the Bachelor of Individualized Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. Building upon that, the liberal arts curriculum saw seven majors append the Bachelor of Arts, and the baccalaureate degree for their nursing program soon appeared.

Lourdes College does offer distance learning courses online. There is not a lot of information published regarding this topic for the general public. What is certain is that the online courses are properly accredited and accounted for by Lourdes College staff and instructors. Some online courses have been as being a part of on-campus study with online courses being used to hybridize the study. There are no degrees currently offered completely online, however, with changing trends in technology and education, the college is bound to offer a distance learning degree in the near future.

The most popular field of study at Lourdes is in Nursing. This is mostly due to their strong nursing program that comes with a variety of options. One can start fromĀ  Registered Nurse and receive the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, one can go from Pre-Nursing Studies to a Master of Science in Nursing. It is also common among Catholic schools to specialize in Nursing, for healing sciences and Catholic ethics tend to go hand in hand. Other popular studies are Organizational Behavior Studies, Business Administration & Management, Natural Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Undergraduate students pay $10,344 per year full-time and $431 per credit hour part-time. Graduate students pay $6,000 per year full-time and $500 per credit hour part-time. 5 out of 6 students attending Lourdes College are receiving financial aid in some form. 60% of students are receiving financial aid from Lourdes itself, while federal, state, and local grants have filled out the rest nicely.

For a Catholic student that wants a good, well-rounded education backed in the liberal arts, Lourdes College is the school of choice. Distance learners can fill out their degree with online courses and, soon, they will be able to obtain their degree online without leaving the home.

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