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China, as I discussed in this past post, has always placed a high emphasis on education and does not make room for a lack thereof – except for one exception. Unfortunately, for rural and orphaned children in China, access to an education is scarce. That is why the company, Love without Boundaries, is dedicated to helping those children.

Everyone should have the ability to develop, whether in fitness or in education. (photo by IISG)

Everyone should have the ability to develop, whether in fitness or in education. (photo by IISG)

Surely upbringing has a huge impact on education. However, I would hate to think that my education was stifled due to the fact that I did not come from a home with lots of social interaction (in the city,) or the fact that I, unfortunately, did not have parents or guardians. Love without Boundaries is a great name for the company, considering they aim to take away the boundary between home life and education life. In fact, for those who are unable to attend school due to living arrangements in orphanages or those with special needs, school is essentially “brought to them” through Believe in Me Schools – schools that are located within orphanages, allowing students to have an education that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Love without Boundaries currently sponsors, as they state on their website, over three hundred and fifty children – from kindergarten to college.  Students do not simply receive educational support though. If that were the case, their lives would not be effectively impacted. Instead, Love without Boundaries also offers moral support to continue and thrive in many aspects, as well as foster care, medical care, and nutritional care.

In fact, one of my favorite fashion identities, Wendy’s Lookbook, (though not Chinese as far as I am concerned,) was orphaned throughout her childhood – and still was able to thrive and become educated and successful in her career field and undoubtedly correlating, her personal life. This is just one example of what children are capable of – regardless of their upbringing.

In 2011, Love without Boundaries has helped over twenty provinces in China. However, to reach out to more people, Love without Boundaries does need some assistance – which you can freely give and donate if you choose to, as provided by this link. Even if donating to the cause is not on your heart, you can get involved in other ways. From adding a Love without Boundaries banner onto your facebook (ultimately publicizing the cause,) to becoming a “Hero for Hope and Healing,” to sponsoring an individual child – there are many things you can do to impact these children. In fact, you can even run or dance your way to sponsor these kids by creating or participating in 5ks or dance-a-thons.

One of the greatest things about Love without Boundaries in my opinion is the fact that the help and support is longitudinal. Children’s lives are truly affected if they have continuous support and continuous life change. In the same way, in American cultures where every year we have a different teacher, or perhaps multiple teachers if you are in a higher level of education, time is wasted because you have to become acquainted and even accustomed to a different environment.

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