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Loyola University Maryland is a Jesuit, Catholic university established in Baltimore, Maryland. The university is committed to disseminating the tenets of the Society of Jesus in its teachings and its tradition. Jesuit ideals place emphasis on excellence in academics through rigorous study. Jesuit ideals are also emphatic of the liberal arts both as a major and a background of study, and, most importantly, the education of the whole person, academically and spiritually.

In 1852, the college was originally founded by the Society of Jesus with the leadership of John Early. The name was derived from Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the college became the first in the United States to bear a name in his honor. Almost a century later, a graduate school was established to continue the studies of baccalaureate students majoring in business. Eventually the graduate studies branched out to Speech Pathology, and Finance. The business school eventually became a separate college under the university and the graduate program expanded to accommodate students pursuing Psychology, Pastoral Counseling, Software Engineering, and Computer Science.

Currently, Loyola College doesn’t offer distance education programs neither in the form of online courses nor the form of distance degree programs. With that being said, the college has revealed plans of expanding their curriculum to online courses. Online courses eventually lead to degree programs and Loyola College can be expected to offer degrees online in the near future.

The most popular field of study at the university is Business Administration & Management. This is mostly due to the university’s partitioned emphasis on business education with the Sellinger School of Business and Management. Here students mostly pursue the Master of Business Administration, but some have pursued a Master of Science in Business and Commerce. Some other popular fields of study include, but are not limited to, Montessori Teacher Education, Communication Studies, General Psychology, and Speech Communication.

The environment at Loyola College is supportive. The administration has made a good variety of resources available for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. The library is extensive and has fully integrated itself with online access to keep up with modern trends. In addition, there are career counseling resources, and collaborative opportunities between the university and neighboring institutions and businesses to deliver prospective graduates to rewarding careers.

For undergraduate students, tuition comes out to $35,055 per year full-time and $568 per credit hour part-time. For graduate students, tuition will be $11,700 per year full-time and $650 per credit hour part-time. Some financial aid has been received through federal sources as well as state and local sources. Most of the aid that students receive comes from Loyola College usually in the form of merit-based scholarships, but also need-based grants.

Loyola College is the prime college for students that want an academically excellent, Jesuit education leading to a great career. The traditions and heritage are rich, and the faculty is the most qualified in their fields. Soon, Loyola College will spread its educational opportunities to distance learners like you.

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