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Loyola Marymount University is a Roman Catholic institution of higher learning located in Los Angeles, California that provides education in the traditions of both Jesuit and Marymount backgrounds. The university is a conglomeration of many different institutions and colleges for a variety of backgrounds. That aside, students can pursue their education knowing that they have the proper resources to get ahead and stay on track.  In addition, the university has gained recognition for its subsidiary programs, like the Entrepreneurship program ranked among the top 20 in the United States.

At the core of Loyola Marymount’s education is the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. Both the Jesuit and Marymount traditions place emphasis on having at least a background in liberal arts education and, for that reason, the university has placed one of its fortes in that curriculum. There are also entirely separate institutions for fields of Teacher Education and Law. This demonstrates the university’s ability to stretch across the realm of diversity and offer a prospective student a chance at most any career.

Loyola Marymount University features a broad array of distance learning programs, but does not have a central department in that respect. Instead, each separate institution underneath the banner of the university offers its own unique programs. One of the distance learning opportunities available is a certificate program at the Center for Equity of English Learners. Students can earn a certificate in dual language programs or a specific language of their choice.

Some online courses are also available at the College of Business Administration and the School of Education. Not much is published online in regards to these distance learning opportunities. What is certain, however, is that the online courses offered here are fully accredited and backed by the instruction of Loyola Marymount staff. More information regarding programs like these can always be obtained by contacting LMU staff directly.

For undergraduate students, full-time students should expect to pay $32,266 per year and part-timers will pay $1,298 per credit hour. For graduate students, full-time tuition is $14,461 yearly and part-time tuition is $887 per credit hour. The university has a plethora of financial aid opportunities available that are offered through each separate institution. Many merit-based scholarships have been awarded, but also need-based grants have been administered to help curtail the cost of education.

This is not simply a university in which the student goes to get their degree and move on. Loyola Marymount University provides students with a complete education of the mind and spirit in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions. Having achieved that, the university features a strong network of opportunities for Catholic students. Unlike most universities, the staff is available for students of all backgrounds and can help the students every step of the way. The phrase “every step of the way” becomes literal when you look at the employment opportunities that are offered to students to their partnerships and collaborations with institutes and businesses. From start to finish, strong Catholic education is the capstone of your educational experience.

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