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Lubbock Christian University is a Christian university affiliated with the Churches of Christ and is situated in Lubbock, Texas. Students at Lubbock Christian receive not only supplies the student with a quality Christian education, but individualizes each course giving each student the attention they need to grasp the course material. The university also makes continual efforts to improve all aspects of its education, from academics to research.

Beyond that, students succeed in many ways. Personally, they have the choice of their future with the full backing of the university. Spiritually, the school supports students of all faiths. Professionally, the university gives you the tools you need and then some to succeed in your future career.

With rapidly changing trends in technology and, ultimately, society, the university has caught up with the times and has instituted a full-fledged distance education programs for working adults, isolated students, and practicing professionals. Courses online are given the same attention and accreditation as courses taught on university campus.

Courses can be put towards an existing degree that is being obtained on LCU campus. Most institutions around the United States will accept transferring credits from Lubbock, so using Lubbock’s resources is a smart move to make your requisites easier to obtain. Courses can also be arranged for asynchronous or independent study. Information regarding course catalog and further programs can be obtained by contacting Lubbock staff directly.

The most popular field of study at the university is Business Administration & Management. The university has a separate school for business and can even be said to have a forte in business majors.  Following this forte is a collected interest in Nursing. The university also places a separate emphasis on its nursing programs and attracts a strong enrollment of nurses each year. Some other popular majors include Educational Leadership & Administration, Early Childhood Education & Teaching, and Social Work.

Tuition for undergraduate students is low for a university with full-time students paying $13,550 per year and part-time students paying $435 per credit hour. For graduate students, full-time tuition comes out to $4,554 per year and part-time tuition costs $253 per credit hour. Over $19 million is awarded to approximately 9 out of 10 students on a yearly basis from the university itself.  Federal, state, and local grants have also been awarded and account for approximately 4 out of 10 students.

Whether you are attending college to become a nurse, a corporate professional, a biologist, or a researching doctor, Lubbock has the resources necessary to deliver you to your career. On top of that, the Christian resources give you an environment that is most suited to the Christian faith and success. For these reasons, the university is one of the top universities in Texas that has been recognized as such for a variety of purposes from its academic excellence to its opportunities in Nursing and Business. Distance learning will soon follow suit with degree programs of its own.

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