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Luther College is a baccalaureate liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church and is seated in Decorah, Iowa. The college follows in the tradition of Martin Luther by reinforcing the power of faith and learning that liberates the mind. Luther College challenges its students to serve the common good in addition to pursuing careers that bring success and a rewarding line of work. In addition, students have the freedom to worship with one another under the veil of the Lutheran faith.

In 1857, the college had its start as a seminary with its founding by the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church which sought to educate and prepare ministers for Norwegian congregations throughout the Midwestern states. Eventually the plan was rerouted to a college operation that was and is now located in Decorah, Iowa. Initially a music program was established, but, later, a full liberal arts curriculum would bloom attracting students from all different backgrounds to come study at the college. Now, the college has a full array of programs available to students and operates on the 4-1-4 tuition schedule.

Music remains the most popularly pursued field at the college. Music received the emphatic attention of Luther College staff from the college’s very inception and is one of the most prestigious in the Midwest today. Following at a close second for enrollment is the also popular field of Business Administration & Management. Some other popular majors at the college are General Biology, Elementary Education & Teaching, Biological Sciences, and General Psychology. Despite the college’s focus on the liberal arts, its scientific programs are much more than decent.

9 out of 10 professors and instructors at Luther College hold a terminal degree in their fields, making the instruction at Luther College highly qualified and certainly enriched with experience. Luther College combines this expertise with small class sizes, a student to faculty ratio of 12 to 1, giving each and every student an optimal education. Luther College has yet to feature online courses or a formal distance learning degree program, however, plans have been revealed to incorporate this into the college and distance learning opportunities should appear in the near future.

Since the college is four-year, one need only be concerned with undergraduate fees and tuition. Undergraduate students pay $30,920 per year when enrolling full-time and part-time undergraduates pay $1,104 per credit hour. Almost every student on campus has received a grant from Luther College itself. With this being enacted, federal aid supplies about 2 out  of 10 students with tuition grants as well as state and local sources accounting for 57% of students.

Luther College is Evangelical not because it meticulously indoctrinates every student that passes through, but because they supply their students with the freedom to choose and the tools to succeed and those students go on to influence their professions. Luther College has a strong curriculum for all who want to study their way to a higher education and, soon, there will be programs of the same characteristics established for distance learners to peruse.

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