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Luther Seminary is the flagship seminary under the American Evangelical Lutheran Church and is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The seminary is a scholarly community that is based out of the Gospels of Jesus Christ. In the face of changing technology and society, the seminary gives students the balance between traditional studies and adaptations for the modern world. Through this balance, the seminary believes it best equips the students for the Evangelical society of today and the world of tomorrow.

The seminary is the largest seminary in America under the auspices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. There is a variety of unique educational opportunities available, like the Master of Divinity degree (M. Div.) or the Doctor of Ministry degree (D. Min.). With that in mind, the seminary treats its students as though they were a member of a Lutheran family and lifts them to the place of higher learning that they desire.

The seminary is a merger of six separate institutions into one. The seminary started by uniting three seminaries: the Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, the Red Wing Seminary in Red Wing, and the United Church Seminary in Saint Paul. Alongside this, the Chicago Lutheran Divinity School was founded and was moved to various locations with its voyage ending in Minneapolis. The two bodies merged to form was known by 1982 as the Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary which prompted its affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In 1994, the name formally became the Luther Seminary.

There are distance education opportunities available at the seminary. These are mainly offered in conjunction with on-campus and localized study, but there are some online courses that can be taken independently. These courses receive the utmost attention, as opposed to simply being a margin of the institution that is partially attended to. Publications on the subject are limited and fragmented. More information can be obtained by contacting Luther Seminary directly.

Since the seminary offers graduate studies only, one need only concern themselves with graduate school fees. For full-time students, the yearly tuition fee comes out to $11,000 while part-time students pay $367 per credit hour. The seminary is known to offer direct grants to students as a part of the seminary’s effort to eliminate cost as an educational barrier. Federal aid is not known to be awarded to students attending this seminary, although some state and local aid has been awarded to students on a consistent basis.

The Luther Seminary offers the Lutheran in training a complete education that spans from their personal understanding of the faith to a global outlook regarding the issues of our time. Students can achieve great things when they open their mind and work with the seminary to strengthen their careers and their relationship with God. It will be in the near future that distance learners like you can attend the seminary without having to sacrifice the life you maintain at home.

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