Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Distance Learning

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg is a small institute of higher learning that shares affiliations with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and seats itself in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This seminary offers an effective approach by incorporating practice into the studies of theology. These lessons are taught by pastoral and ministerial leaders that have gained crucial experience over the years. In addition, the seminary is also an open-minded theological institute that delves into the forefront of pedagogy and can be also seen adhering to original research. Beyond that, the seminary networks with all different kinds of resources and opportunities making LTSG a springboard to anywhere for students from anywhere.

There are a variety of different credentials that the Seminary offers. The chief purpose of obtaining a degree in these practices and teachings is to advance onward to high ranks of the Lutheran faith and ministry with the proper credentials to show for it. Since there are many different approaches towards the Lutheran faith, a variety of different credentials can be pursued at the seminary.

For instance, a student can train to become a Master of Divinity (M. Div.) by preparing themselves for service in an array of pastoral environments and even in places of other denominations. Students analyze everything from the cultural bases to the very religious texts on which the Lutheran faith is based. All of this is combined with a grounding in the liberal arts that gives the student a holistic perspective and also gives them the ability to morph and apply their Lutheran ethics to handle different issues facing religious society.

As another example of the diverse possibilities in Lutheran study, a student can become a Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.). Here, the students learn more about the clerical side of ministry and how to effectively manage and grow Lutheran ministry. Currently the theological seminary doesn’t offer distance programs that can lead to a degree. With that being said, there are distance learning opportunities for individual courses that can be taken in tandem with studies on the campus. Distance learners can expect these online courses to evolve into distance degree programs in the near future.

Since the seminary only offers courses in graduate levels, the only concern is graduate tuition rates. Full-time graduates should expect to pay $11,700 per year for tuition, and part-time graduate students will pay $475 per credit hour. Being that the seminary has connections to the ELCA, many financial resources are offered to both curtail the cost of education and to help eliminate costs as a deciding factor in one’s education. Details of federal, state, and local aid are esoteric, but there have been reports of state and local aid being accepted by the seminary.

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg is one of many Lutheran institutions pushing to educate young men and women who need the tools to pursue pastoral work and ministry. It won’t be long before degrees from the seminary will be offered online so that you don’t have to leave your home or the pastorate you already manage.

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